DriverKid Baxter

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DriverKid Baxter
Born December 13, 2006 (2006-12-13) (age 10)
Nationality Canadian
Occupation NTBI Employee

DriverKid Baxter (joined December 13th of 2006) is an employee of NTBI, providing animations, textures, consulting, testing and feedback to various individuals and companies within NTBI. When not working, DK can usually be found roleplaying in various regions.


After reading about Second Life numerous times during the media craze of 2006, DriverKid decided to join Second Life to see what everything was about. Finding Radian City, one of the first roleplay cities in Second Life, via search, DK quickly found his place in roleplay. Seen in regions such as Mascouten and Radian City, DK has done modern roleplay nearly constantly since 2006. Through various regions over the years, DK has done everything from police work to sim management, and even ran the Central Intelligence Service in the People's Republic of Vixiana for a short period. Through work in many of Second Life's police services, DK found a talent in making decals for police vehicles. This skill transferred over to making full-body textures for various NTBI vehicles such as the Lusch Motors Allstar and the SZYM Intruder. DK also found a talent in the ability to make animations, some of which are found in the SZYM Intruder and the KYOTO Traffic Control HUD.

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