Transfer Object Tracking System

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The Transfer Object Tracking System (TOTS) is a proprietary DRM system used by Gentek Technologies. It is used only in products that have transfer permissions enabled as to enforce their Full Permissions Agreement.


TOTS can be managed from a private web interface, but it is mostly automatic.

When an equipped product is purchased, it sends a registration code to the system. Upon rezzing the box, it is confirmed as purchased, and the product is "unlocked".

When an equipped product is rezzed with transfer permissions, it checks the TOTS server to see if its owner has actually purchased it. If not, the product disables itself, either by deleting the scripts or deleting the object in-world. If the product does not have transfer permissions, it does not perform the check. Violations are reported and tracked - if a user is found to be giving out copies of a specific product, TOTS gives the option of banning them from rezzing the product entirely to prevent further attempts at theft. This option hasn't been utilized yet and hopefully never will be.

TOTS is a closed system and is not available for purchase.