NTBI Broadcasting Tower Network

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The NTBI Broadcasting Tower Network (BTN) is a proposed system for broadcasting music using the Sei Media Formats from radio broadcasting towers to radio and video receivers (desktop models, cars, etc.). Content is queued automatically, pushed to broadcasting towers, and streamed simultaneously among towers to ensure synchronous listening/viewing from anywhere in the grid.


FM Frequency Channel Name Intended Use
96.1 WBTN Hyperion Talk shows, news reports, etc. by NTBI (timed)
99.5 Smooth Music Constant stream of public/CC music (easy listening style)
103.7 Rock Music Constant stream of public/CC music (harder styles)
107.3 ??? ???
UHF Channel Channel Name Intended Use
14 SZYM 14 Non-news videos made by NTBI
20 NTBI Public Access PSA-style public domain films (non-NTBI)
24 GBC News News videos in GBC format made by NTBI (timed)

BTN Framework

  • BTN Master Server (queues programming in 30 minute increments for download by BTN broadcasters)
  • Playback equipment (can send media directly to connected BTN broadcaster or compatible viewing equipment, e.g. VCR)
  • BTN Broadcaster (sends out broadcasted media on FM & UHF frequencies)
  • FM/UHF receiver (receives FM & UHF broadcasts and displays them - some may support direct connection to playback equipment)

Proposed Broadcast Format

Beacon Channel

FM: A<tower channel number><FM channel>^<channel name>
UHF: V<tower channel number><UHF channel>^<channel name>
Channels separated by | characters.

Request: BTNCR

Transmission Channel

SA (Streaming Audio): BTNSA<run-audio><PL1-audio><PL2-audio><PL3-audio>
SV (Streaming Audio/Video): BTNSV<run-audio><run-video><PL1-audio><PL1-video><PL2-audio><PL2-video><PL3-audio><PL3-video>
VF (Video Frame): BTNVF<run-video><PL1-video><PL2-video><PL3-video><repeats>!<offset>
TM (Text Message): BTNTM<content>
DM (Data Message): BTNDM<content>

Programming Storage Format

<packet> repeated

Timing (timed stations only)

  • Programming (8 minute segments)
  • Commercials (30 or 60 seconds, 2 minute segments, 1.5 minutes at end)
  • Timed continuity (30 seconds at end of each period)

Continuity Card

Continuity card color themes as follows:

  • Yellow: 4:55 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Blue: 10:55 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Orange: 4:55 PM - 10:30 PM
  • Purple: 10:55 PM - 4:30 AM

Connection Protocol

  • Transmitting device selects "Connect To" (or "Connect Aud" or "Connect A/V")
  • Receiving device selects "Get Connect" within 30 seconds
  • Connection established

Handshake Format

RX Device on "Get Connect": BTNCG
TX Device in response: BTNCC<type> where <type> is AUD or VID
Disconnection message: BTNCD