Lusch Euro Truck

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The Euro Truck are two trucks created and sold by Lusch Motors. There are two generations of the Euro Trucks. The first generation was released in May 2009. The second generation, called the New Euro Truck, was released in October 2011. Both generations received moderate to good commercial success.

First generation Euro Truck (Box version)

First generation

The first generation Euro Truck was made in 3ds Max and featured the pre-SVT scripts. It contained four versions: Box, Tanker, Fuel and Logs. The sale of this generation stopped with the release of the second generation.

Current (second) generation Euro Truck (Distribution version

Second Generation

The second generation was made in 3ds Max and featured the SVT scripts. Many features were added. There are six versions of the New Euro Truck: Distribution, Tow, Tanker, Construction, Garbage and Fuel

The tow truck has a functional towing system, similar to the SZYM Motors Tow Truck.