Lusch Oakland

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The Oakland is a vehicle created and sold by Lusch Motors. It was introduced in November 2011. Pre-release versions of the Oakland had the words 'V8 3.0 TDI' written on the back, suggesting it's based off a European diesel version. The text was removed and replaced by just 'Oakland' on the released vehicle.


The Oakland is the first full mesh vehicle sold by Lusch Motors. The body shows that the creator, Owen Lusch, was still learning about mesh.

Unique features

It's the first car made by Lusch Motors that can be set to any color possible using a color HUD (the Golf Cart could do this, but that's not a car). It's also the first Lusch Motors car that has shine enabled on it's exterior body (the Golf Cart could hda this, but that's not a car).

The Oakland had limited features compared to other Lusch Motors cars, so the introduction price was set lower than on other new cars.