NTBI SatNav Service

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The NTBI SatNav Service is a mapping and addressing service by NTBI. It is currently only available in select NTBI vehicles (although it may be made public eventually).

Custom Map Loading

By default, the NTBI SatNav in SPT vehicles uses the Second Life map for its map images. In some regions, map images are unreliable or simply entirely blocked out. If this is the case, you can submit your own map image to use, and it will be automatically loaded on any NTBI vehicle in your region.

Eligible Map Submissions

Your map image can either be a satellite view or a street map.

If you like, you can edit your map to add street names. Remember, the satnav zooms into the map image, so keep your text small.

To submit your map, contact Nelson Jenkins in-world with a link to the map hosted on an image-sharing service. He may have to edit your map to get it to work with the satnav. Submissions are free.

We ask that in roleplay sims and other highly-managed regions, only estate owners or managers submit map images to avoid conflicts. This will be checked.

Address Service

The NTBI Address Service is a database which places addresses (e.g. 155 B Street) at a specific point on the grid. You can enter an address (either just the street name and number, or the street + a custom city name, or a zip code, etc.) and the service will return a gridwide position. In NTBI SatNavs, you are then shown the direction to the destination, and how far away it is. Some other products also support the Address Service.

At this time, the NTBI Address Service is in beta testing. We will announce its release in the future. Estate managers will be able to set up addresses in their own regions using a simple tool in-world.