NTBI Review Rewards Program

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The NTBI Review Rewards Program is a review incentive offered by some NTBI affiliates. The program offers a 10% rebate on products from participating affiliates when a qualifying review is written on the product's Marketplace listing.

Terms & Conditions

For all Marketplace reviews written on or after each manufacturer's start date (regardless of purchase date), buyers are eligible for a 10% rebate on the purchase price of the product upon confirmation of the review being posted. This rebate will be paid regardless of the contents or rating of the review, to be compliant with the Marketplace TOS (see TOS & Listing Guidelines or Knowledge Base entry). However, for negative reviews, you may be contacted and asked to provide more information prior to the rebate being paid, as this program is in place not only to elicit more reviews, but receive quality customer feedback in general, positive or negative. For negative reviews related to delivery failures or otherwise not related to the product itself, or not compliant with reviewing rules in the Marketplace TOS & Listing Guidelines, no rebate will be delivered until the review is edited, and we ask that you contact the manufacturer directly instead of writing such a review. If payment is not received within 7 days, the user should contact the manufacturer. This rebate is not available to purchases made through vendors outside Marketplace, such as CasperVend. This rebate is not available for products which have been discontinued; e.g. are not shown on the Marketplace store page. For purchases made prior to each manufacturer's start date, this rebate is only available if sufficient funds are available for reimbursement.

Start Dates & Participating Affiliates

The following is a list of affiliates currently participating in the Review Rewards Program. If an affiliate is not listed in this table, they do not offer rebates at this time.

Affiliate Start Date Contact*
Gentek March 1, 2013 Nelson Jenkins
Astaro & Tredpro June 26, 2013 ac14 Hutson
SZYM Motors July 18, 2014 Will Szymborska

* This is the name of the avatar you should contact if your product was not delivered or there was a purchase error. Reviews written regarding delivery failures or otherwise not related to the product itself are not eligible for rebates under the terms of this program.