NTBI Update System

The NTBI Update System is an exclusive, simplified, web-enabled update system only for NTBI affiliates.

General Overview

The update system has two aspects, objects and products. Objects are the actual boxed objects in the server, and products are shortened names for each product. It works similarly to hippoUPDATE - you must associate an object to a product, and then any update script set to that product will send the user the object (if the update script has an older version, of course).

Server Setup

  1. Put the "NTBI Update Server" script in your main CasperVend server. Do not put it in more than one server! It's not designed for multiple servers.
  2. Log in to the NTBIgroup.com website - if you do not have an account, ask Nelson to set one up for you.
  3. Click "My Account" at the very bottom of the page.
  4. Under "Web-Enabled Products" click "NTBI Update System".
  5. IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom of the page under "Other Options". You should see your Update Key. This is a secret key that you will put in update scripts - consider it a password of sorts. If you want to change this, change it now as once you release a product with an update script, you will not be able to change it!

Product Setup

You will need to do this for every product you wish to use the update system with.

  1. Under "Unassociated Objects", choose which object you want to use for your new product. Click the "Create Product" link next to it.
  2. Enter the product name (do not use #, $, or % characters). For example, for "[Gentek] CityLite v4.0 [Boxed]" you would enter "CityLite".
  3. Enter the current version. You can use any number of decimal points. In the above example, you would enter "4.0". However, the system also supports whole numbers (1, 2, 5, etc.) or even multiple decimal points (2.4.1,, etc.). The system will generally accept different numbers of decimal points (for example, if the current version is 4.1.2 while your update script has 4.1, then send an update).
  4. If you want to change the object or it didn't select the right object, use the dropdown to select which one you want.
  5. Click "Create", then the "Continue..." link to return to the main page. You should now see your new product listed at the top.

Script Setup

It is advised that you first edit your script so that the creator and updatekey variables are set correctly, then save to your inventory so you don't have to set them every time.

  1. Open the "NTBI Update System" script.
  2. At the top, set product to the name of your product. In the above example, you would put "CityLite".
  3. Set version to the version you're setting up.
  4. Set updatekey to your update key. It's best to copy and paste it from the website. Remember, if you change your update key, scripts with your old key will no longer work!
  5. Set creator to your Second Life username.
  6. Save the script, and you're done.

If this is your first time setting up the update script, you should set debug to TRUE to make sure everything works out. If the object says "SUCCESS" followed by some debug text, then it is working properly. If you have any problems with this contact Nelson with the message you get. Make sure you set debug to FALSE before you release the product!

Updating a Product

When you've got a product you're ready to update, do the following:

  1. Set up the update script in the object.
  2. Put the object into the server.
  3. On the web interface, edit the product (if you deleted the old object from the server, it may be listed under "Missing Objects" - that's OK, because we're fixing it now).
  4. Change "Current Version" to the new version number, and change the "Object" to the new object.
  5. Save the product - it is now updated, and any update scripts with the older version number will be sent the new object.


[WARNING] Missing Objects

This means the object associated to a product is missing from the server.

  • Check to make sure the object is actually in the server.
  • If needed, edit the product and change "Object" to the correct object.
  • If the product is no longer used (for example, you disassociated it) then click "Delete".

Product name already exists

This means your specified product name already exists under a different product. For safety, the Update System does not allow the same product names from different creators, so your product name must be totally unique within the system, not just within your products.

Database action failed

This is usually a temporary error with the database, although it will occur if you have tried to change your update key to the same value (since there is no change).

Couldn't find selected object

This means your object list changed while you were editing something. Wait for the server to finish uploading the object list before changing anything on the web interface.

Couldn't delete product [...]

This is either a temporary error or there is still an available object associated to the product. You must disassociate it first.