KYOTO International
Industry Public Safety
Founder(s) Empty Neutron
Headquarters Canada
Area served Worldwide
Revenue Not Enough
Employees 1
Website Marketplace Store

KYOTO (pronounced: key-oh-tow) focuses on the creation of public safety products for the Second Life role-play community. The products which are primarily comprised of mesh are generally created in Blender, an open-source 3D modelling program.

Company History

In mid-June, KYOTO's founder Empty Neutron, had considered the notion of creating a new brand under which he would produce high-quality mesh products after having learned how to model more effectively in Blender. In late-June, two introductory products were released under the newly formed KYOTO brand. KYOTO is the successor to the now-discontinued EN (which was typically stylized as [EN]) brand by Empty Neutron, which was mildly successful within the urban role-play community—some of those products are still available on marketplace (at a reduced price) and continue to be supported.

KYOTO has since focused on the same market, the urban role-play community, and product category, public safety as the now discontinued EN brand once did.

The KYOTO name is a pseudo-Japanese name and while the name can be roughly translated to “capital city” it should be considered, for the use of the company merely fictitious in nature. Kyoto is also the name of a city in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan and is the capital of the Kyoto Prefecture. Again, the city and translation bear no connection to the KYOTO brand in Second Life.

KYOTO became an NTBI affiliate on July 21st of 2012 and initially began selling products from a small kiosk in the middle of the Prototype mall, before moving into a larger more accommodating shop in days to come.