Lusch Motors Allstar

Allstar (Ambulance version


Thank you for buying a Lusch Motors vehicle. Please read this document to find out everything about your new car.

1. Contents of the folder

5 vehicles




2. Driving

You can control the car by using the WASD keys

• W=forward

• S=brake/reverse

• A=steer left

• D=steer right

or by using the arrow keys:

• Up arrow=forward

• Back arrow=brake/reverse

• Left and Right arrow=Steer left and right

The Lusch Motors Allstar uses the NTBI SVT driving system, made by AC14 Hutson. This revolutionary script engine makes it possible to drive on virtually every type of terrain in SL. Urban/City sims for RolePlaying, Linden Roads or offroading.

In contrary to most SL vehicles you do not select a gear. Instead you set the amount of throttle you want and the car will accelerate and gear up and down to stay at the selected amount of throttle. This way you can drive up a hill without having to gear up and being launched off it.

Note: When trying to brake and reverse, it's needed to 'tap' the reverse button a few times

Use the PageUp and PageDown buttons to set the amount of throttle.

3. Customizing

The vehicle can be customized in many ways. Only the owner of the vehicle can customize it. Go to Menu  OwnrConfig and choose one of the following categories

3.1 Wheels

Switch between 6 wheels styles

3.2 Colours

Choose one of the preinstalled body colours, the most common colours are included. If your colour is not included, use a custom theme (see 4. Custom Theme). If this is the first time you’re switching colour, it might take some time before it changes. The themes (and colours) notecard is being indexed.

3.3 Themes

Choose one of the many preinstalled themes. Like with the colours, you can make your own theme (see 4. Custom Theme). If this is the first time you’re switching colour, it might take some time before it changes. The themes (and colours) notecard is being indexed.

3.4 Details

Many details on and in the car can be shown or hidden. Different versions have different details that can be used. All version have:

Police: laptop, radar, siren control, laser gun, traffic camera, laptop stand and police electronics on the dashboard

Pushbar, sidesteps and roofrack

Barrier: separating the front seats with the back of the van

3.5 Windows

Windows can be set to either black or blue coloured. The front windows can be opened.

FRLopen (FRont Left Open), FRRopen (FRont Right open) etc.

3.6 Decals

For easy customization, it is possible to apply a custom texture to the door and the back door. The panel version has an extra spot at the sides.

Select one of the locations from the menu and follow the onscreen instructions.

Getting the UUID is easy: locate the texture in your inventory, right click and select ‘Copy asset UUID’.

To remove all the decals, use the ‘cleardecals’ button.

3.7 Shine

To turn SL shine on: Menu  OwnrConfig  Textures Shinyness

4. Custom theme

The Allstar is the first vehicle from Lusch Motors that features an all custom theme option. This means you can make your own themes. No need to rely on limiting custom texture parts on the car, but change the whole theme.

Menu  OwnrConfig  Textures  CUSTOM

Visit the following website for more information, a how-to guide, tips and a download link of the template:

5. Passengers

Depending on the version, the Allstar can hold between 3 to 6 passengers + 1 driver.

6. Lighting

All versions of the Allstar come with built in strobelights. The Emergency and Ambulance versions come with a lightbar.

The head and taillights are automatically turned on when the sun is below the horizon. To manually turn them on or off: Menu  OwnrConfig  Lights/Toggle

6.1 Directionlights/Blinker

These can be controlled through the HUD or through the menu. Open the menu and choose <<< 4WAYS >>> to turn on the blinkers. Click the button again to turn them off.

6.2 Strobes

The strobes can be hidden: Menu  OwnrConfig  Lights/Toggle  Strobes. Once the strobes are turned on through the HUD (see 8. HUD), they will be shown.

The headlights feature projection lights, these are only visible with advanced lighting and shadows turned on.

7. Access

The access level determines who can drive the car and open the doors, this does not affect the options under Menu  OwnrConfig.

8. HUD

The Allstar comes with the excellent EVHUD, made by Gentek. Receive the HUD though the menu. Wear it and use the help button to see how the HUD works.

Note that the HUD only works for the person driving the car.

9. License plate

The Allstar has both European and American sized plates. By default the European sized ones are visible. The text on the license plate is generated automatically, depending on the make, type and version of the car.

It is possible to change the license plate.

Touch the rear license plate to bring up a menu:

EUSize/USSize: Switch between European or American sized plates

Textcolor: Change the text colour. The following input format is used: Red, green, blue. The easiest way to get the colour you want is to rezz a prim, and change the colour of that. In the edit window, next to the colour picker you’ll see the red, green and blue values.

GetCode/SetCode: easy to way to copy license plates to a different vehicle.

CustomTex: set a custom texture to the background of the license plates. This will be applied to both the EU and US sized plate.

CustomNum: Set your own text or numbers on the plate. You can use up to 7 characters.

10. Misc

10.1 Options

Menu  Options: Park/Neutral. After getting out the vehicle, it turns non physical, meaning it won’t move. When the car needs to stay physical, for example so it can be towed, select the ‘neutral’ function after getting out the car.

10.2 Update The vehicle has a built in update script, if you rezz the car it checks with the server to see if there is a new version available.

Special thanks to:

George Monroe, AC14 Hutson, Nelson Jenkins, DriverKid Baxter & Empty Neutron