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AC3D is a 3D design program which has been available since 1994. The software was used by Will Szymborska and Owen Lusch in the early days of creating sculpted cars.


AC3D was one of the first software packages that natively supported sculpted prims for Second Life. It was possible to start with different shapes (rounded box, cylinder, sphere and plane) which could be exported to sculpt maps that could be used in Second Life. This made it relatively easy to create sculpted prims. Other software like Blender required confusing scripts and strange baking processes to create a sculpt map.


This software has been used to create the following cars (not limited to this list) Szym: Autoritat, MUV/Mogul. Lusch Motors: Golf Cart, Evoluzione, Comet, Washington Limousine.

AC3D lost it's use after Autodesk's 3d Studio Max got the Prim Composer plug in.