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Astaro Vehicles
Founder(s) ac14 Hutson
Headquarters U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Employees 1
Divisions Production
Website Marketplace Store

Astaro is a brand created by ac14 in 2008. The brand focused on common and sporty cars, however only one car, the Astaro Levis was produced that fit this theme. The Szym Intruder was originally modeled to be an astaro vehicle but was changed to a SZYM to fit SZYM's more police oriented branding at the time.

2009 - Present

Astaro's first major release was the Savanna and is accredited with making Astaro a 'household name' on Main Grid. Since 2009 Astaro has produced multiple kinds of roleplay vehicles. These include law enforcment and military vehicles as well as fire apparatus (TPF Fire System).