BT-250 LIDAR Gun

Tredpro BT-250
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2014
Company Tredpro
Availability Free Equipment

The BT-250 is a usable, aimable LIDAR gun that can report speed and distance of moving objects. It is a free product, available to anyone with an NTBI Group account. (If you do not have an NTBI Group account, click here for information on how to get one. It's free and easy.)

The BT-250's speed detection algorithm works very similarly to the NTBI Tracker Dual Radar in SPT2 vehicles (cosine effect, line of sight, etc.); however, the BT-250 does not have FAST, LOCK, or PATROL readouts. Instead, it features distance options and aimable targeting. It is designed to realistically and accurately measure speed and distance exactly like a real life LIDAR gun would.


To use the BT-250, wear it and go into mouselook. Aim directly at the target to lock onto it, then follow it to maintain the lock. You don't have to be perfectly aimed once you are locked; the gun will attempt to keep track of the target as long as you are aimed near it. When not in mouselook, the gun is disabled.

By default, the BT-250 will display speed in MPH. You can change this to speed in KM/H (or distance in feet or meters) by clicking it and selecting an option in the menu.

We recommend enabling "Show me in Mouselook" to be able to see the screen (Preferences -> Move & View). However, if you are wearing an EVHUD, the output will also be shown in the radar display. You should turn off the vehicle radar first (if equipped) to avoid problems.

SPT2 Integration

Although the BT-250 should work in any vehicle, SPT2 vehicles feature extended animations. When you aim the BT-250, it will change the aiming animation so you can still see the screen, even if you're aiming out the side window. This feature works for the driver and front passenger. Of course, we recommend rolling the window down first, although it is not necessarily required.


The BT-250 will send an update when it is worn, if one is available.


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