Hakuso was a snippet of a chat log from January 2009 when Will and ac14 were engaged in a rivalry with Nelson in the Bliss region. This was prior to Mascouten I, and they had only met a month earlier.

The chat log in its original form was a discussion between Will, Nelson, and some estate managers who were trying to arbitrate an agreement. However, the chat log had been somehow modified using a bad double translation (presumably Japanese) which deformed much of the content into a barely comprehensible mess.

The full log is below:

[17:53] Aikea Rieko: rezzed Once, AC attachments, or tried to exit the script?
[17:53] NERUSONJENKINSU: go to Ohio.
[17:53] NERUSONJENKINSU: It's just nonsense.
[17:53] Will Szymborska: Nelson, you are, AC resolution is not an attachment, or to steal their functions?
[17:53] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I did not try to steal HAKUSO. NOTE: "HAKUSO" is in all-caps in the log.
[17:53] Will Szymborska: separate or similar function?
[17:53] Will Szymborska: dosent really detached?
[17:53] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I have the ability to detach himself.
[17:53] Will Szymborska: Oh, I know.
[17:53] NERUSONJENKINSU says: I like me.
[17:53] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I do not need him.
[17:54] NERUSONJENKINSU: has criticized me for trying to ruin your business.
[17:54] NERUSONJENKINSU says: I is not the one stolen from you.
[17:54] Aikea Rieko: Blog on your personal and business chatlogs Post.
[17:54] Afry online Yap
[17:54] Aikea Rieko: more shit, the Nelson incriminates.
[17:54] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I will bring it down.
[17:54] NERUSONJENKINSU: The Clap, which is total.
[17:54] Aikea Rieko: can you get banned for anything that bad at it.
[17:54] NERUSONJENKINSU: it's spreading rumors about me here.
[17:54] NERUSONJENKINSU: ME suspected of stealing his things.
[17:54] Will Szymborska: Why is your personal problems, will be a conversation between me and some friends, post on my blog? Between Hal and me. Thats the least right.
[17:55] NERUSONJENKINSU: This is proof that you are a liar.
[17:55] Aikea Rieko: The problem is that he's the boss and close friend of Will. People with the power to resolve them.
[17:55] Will Szymborska: the spread of rumors? 300 sand where your foot to.
[17:55] Will Szymborska: reezzing with you and will try to do beter in how
[17:55] NERUSONJENKINSU: What is this?
[17:55] Jaden Benavente: Nelson, are bullcrap loopholes behind. I have now is more serious bullshit.
[17:55] Will Szymborska: Next, copy the system to exchange labeling Tredpro attachments.
[17:55] Aikea Rieko: You, Do you know the definition of ethics?
[17:55] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I need to know that I was rezzing people that have problems with it.
[17:55] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: Before you do, you know something about the texture of the system.
[17:56] Mr. NERUSONJENKINSU: I have here in the IRL and local PD was trying to order a custom texture.
[17:56] NERUSONJENKINSU: only for personal use.
[17:56] Will Szymborska: I do not care, I get the news you apologie why the forest here, I will give a completely different reaction to questionin twisted around? The

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