Integrated Combat Experience

Integrated Combat Experience is a proposed combat system maintained by Nelson Jenkins that might be integrated with future NTBI products, as well as made public for other weapon manufacturers.

ICE is designed around LSL's somewhat new raycasting system, and offers a significant performance benefit because of it. Raycasting is nearly instant and does not suffer from mass use - where 10 people firing fully automatic weapons using prim bullets would kill off a sim instantly, ICE weaponry makes practically no impact on the server. Although physical tracer bullets can be used, they have no effect other than a visual indicator, and due to their performance impact, they are only used in weapons which would commonly use tracer rounds.

Unlike other systems, ICE can offer hit indicators, suppressive effects, and other FPS-like features because of its low-impact design. It also supports weapon loadouts, which allow users to swap between weapons instantly with a single keystroke. To ease script impact, inactive weapons are typically "turned off" such that they only listen for a wake-up command, nothing else. All ICE weapons use the same keybinds and integrate fully with the standard ICE HUD so only one HUD needs to be worn at a time, which monitors weapons and health simultaneously.

The system also integrates with RLV/RLVa to limit movement and control, and ICE-optimized regions can set up zones which support up to 4 teams each, automatic respawn points, and customized gameplay options for almost every aspect of the system, as well as limitations on which weapons can be used.

We don't plan to offer compatibility with other combat systems unless asked by a combat system creator.

Health System

ICE offers a comprehensive health system which serves as the core of combat. Health is graded along a 0-100% scale, with optional buffing up to 200% (only if enabled in a zone) from certain special items. Health is obviously lowered when damage is dealt, depending on the round type (size, grain, velocity, etc.) or the amount determined by other APIs in the ICE system.

Health can be restored by the following:

  • First aid kits (can restore predetermined health value, typically around 20-40%, as well as stop bleed-out)
  • EMT/paramedic training (can restore health only if health is above certain thresholds, as well as stop bleed-out at any health level)
  • Doctor training (can restore all health, as well as stop bleed-out)
  • Regenerative health (disabled by default, but can be enabled and configured per zone)

Note that training does not require medical bags or any equipment; it is a trait of the user.

Additionally, the ICE system allows for "bleed-out", which continuously and slowly degrades health by a certain amount. This is usually from hits to critical body parts, and can be stopped by a first aid kit or a medically-trained player.

Individual zones can allow the health to be displayed or not.

Combat System

Naturally, a combat system isn't a very good combat system without bullets, but ICE also supports a variety of different APIs to liven up roleplay. However, to ensure weapon balancing, every weapon must have a separate API key, which can be restricted (whitelisted/blacklisted) per zone, as well as globally if a weapon is determined to be too unbalanced (e.g. a silenced pistol with 100% damage aimbot rounds). API keys are free and available to anyone.

Projectile API

Projectile damage (result of size, speed, distance), hit location

Shrapnel API

Shrapnel damage, hit probability

Splash API

Center point, range, exponential falloff value

Armor API

Armored location(s), health, resistance, repairability