Mascouten II

In 2010, Mascouten was restarted by Will Szymborska, Owen Lusch, Ac14 Hutson, and other NTBI members. The re-designed version was built in a distinct New York City style. The sim was fundamentally the same as the original sim, with high quality roleplay being key. The sim was a fully involved, 24/7 roleplay which moved from scene based role play where after a roleplay is done, any damages or effects of the roleplay would be reset back to the norm to a continual and more realistic 24/7 roleplay, where events would have a longlasting impact, like a building collapsing and staying that way.

City Services

Both iterations of Mascouten contained numerous city services. Roleplay ranged from emergency services to civilian groups and criminal groups. These included the Mascouten Police Department (MPD), Mascouten Fire Department (MFD), Mascouten District Hospital (MDH), Mascouten Transportation Authority (MTA), Mascouten Criminals, and various civilian roles.

Mascouten Police Department

In Mascouten I, the MPD drew some influence from the real-life NYPD and the Gotham City Police Department from the Batman series. They drove blue LMD vehicles with a yellow stripe and white roof. MPD officers wore a navy blue uniform with a yellow stripe down each pantleg, which continued on to Mascouten II. When Mascouten II's MPD rolled out, it was equipped with Astaro Imperial Cruisers painted in white with blue stripes and with NYPD styled MPD decals. The cars later were changed with the addition of the Vertex lightbar from Astaro to better reflect real NYPD cruisers.

Mascouten Fire Department

The MFD drew major influence in both iterations of Mascouten from the real life FDNY. The department was billed as being one of the best on the grid, as it was able to very realistically handle almost every call it dealt with. The Mascouten I MFD used the HD Fire System and trucks, and the Mascouten II MFD used the Tredpro Fire System and Astaro trucks, and the Szym Haul LT Ambulance.

Mascouten General Hospital

The Mascouten General Hospital was again in both Mascouten iterations, and at its peak each time, was billed as the best hospital roleplay in Second Life. The MFD's ambulance services delivered paitents to the hospital, where they recieved treatment roleplayed out with realistic detail.


The Mascouten Transportation Authority operated the city's bus and taxi service in Mascouten I. In Mascouten II, the MTA was retooled to provide bus service, and the taxi service was handed off to Nikko Dezno, who ran his cab and livery company until the sim closed.