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Prototype was the retail home of NTBI. It housed the flagship stores of all NTBI affiliates before the Prototype Gardens Shopping Centre moved to the NTBI region.


The original design for Prototype.

The Prototype Raceway was the original design for Prototype. It featured a racetrack with some basic stores.


The second design for Prototype was the Island. There was only a single road which went down the side of the island.


A monorail malfunction in Prototype during the Highway phase.

The third design for Prototype was the Highway. It lasted for many months, if not years.

The Highway design featured a highway across the center of the region with an underpass that connected the two sides; at its peak, one side hosted the SZYM Motors, Astaro, and Gentek store, while the other side had Lusch Motors and a gas station.

The Prototype Gardens Mall after the first expansion with the SZYM Intruder factory in the foreground, which was planned to be a fully functional automated factory.

Prototype Gardens Shopping Center

The Prototype Gardens Shopping Center is an indoor mall layout that has been through several revisions.


The original design, titled the Prototype Mall, featured a small square central atrium, which was surrounded by all stores. Because of this, the number of stores was limited.

When the GTMD and K-Ace stores were added, they had to extend off of the Astaro store. Eventually, a redesign was required to accommodate the growing number of affiliates and storefronts.

First Expansion

The Astaro, Lusch Motors, and Gentek stores after the first expansion.
The K-ACE, KYOTO, GTMD, and SZYM Motors/TAHDA stores, along with a storefront exclusively for furniture by all brands, after the first expansion.

For expansion, the original mall was almost entirely torn down, and a new one was built in its place which extended outward to take up nearly half of the region. The mall was officially named the Prototype Gardens Mall.

An additional small change was performed to add an NTBI Global Credit Union ATM.

Second Expansion

The second expansion for the mall added two vacant stores at the end of a hallway between the K-ACE and KYOTO stores. Neither store was ever opened; instead, the abandoned K-ACE and KYOTO stores, along with the two vacant stores, were used to create an expanded SZYM Motors store.

Concurrently, the Astaro store went through a remodel to make it more industrialized, while the Gentek store enjoyed a large expansion and remodel so that all products could be displayed. The mall as a whole was also rebuilt to conform to better building standards.

Several smaller changes were performed throughout the following years to change store footprints with the addition of Crown Automotive, NBS, RiDECO, and GEMC.

Third Expansion

The third and most recent expansion, completed May 2017, added a hallway to the left of the Astaro store leading to a large showroom for FAYDED. To accommodate the new construction, most of the region outside the mall was rebuilt to feature more parking. The name was also officially changed to Prototype Gardens Shopping Centre.

NTBI Region Move

The Prototype Gardens Shopping Centre was reopened in the NTBI region on December 4, 2019. The FAYDED store was moved into a skybox and the expansion was removed. The SZYM Motors store was also downsized to accommodate the Route 23 highway. Finally, an underground tunnel accessible via escalators in the east wing was added to allow access to SZYM Tower, which was moved to the same region.