NTBI (region)

The NTBI region was the name of two regions - one created in 2013 and renamed in 2015, and one created in 2019 to house the Prototype Gardens Shopping Centre, SZYM Tower, and various ancillary amenities. The creation of the 2019 NTBI region was done to consolidate the Prototype, Northbridge, Augest Isles (Glenbrook), and FAYDED regions, all homesteads considered part of the NTBI estate.

Original Region

The NTBI region was first created in October 2012. It hosted both versions of the NTBI Development Campus, then was used as a sandbox to construct sections of Harrison. The region was renamed to Northbridge in 2015, then connected to Prototype.

2019 Region

The second version of the NTBI region was created on December 4, 2019. The main features of the region are the Prototype Gardens Shopping Centre, SZYM Tower, and the Peter Nelson Convention Center.

The region also includes:

  • The original Rodex Diner, which was originally housed in Prototype.
  • The Route 23 highway with automatic traffic, which was a popular feature in Glenbrook. As of mid-2020, the traffic is generally only activated upon request due to lag caused by Second Life region software memory leaks.
  • The Northbridge Line rail line, which automatically spawns trains at random intervals. This system was built from scratch, but is related to the original Northbridge Line that ran through Prototype, Northbridge, and Glenbrook before consolidation, as well as the old automatic train in Prototype after the first Prototype Gardens Mall expansion.
  • The Glenbrook Freight Terminal, which was originally housed in Glenbrook.
  • The Tredpro & Co. factory filler building with a steam whistle that sounds at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5 p.m. daily, originally from Prototype.
  • A RoxOil gas station.