Intrepid Field Breathalyzer

Intrepid Field Breathalyzer
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Intrepid Field Breathalyzer Vendor Image
Creator Empty Neutron
Launch year 2012
Company KYOTO
Availability L$299 Marketplace/In-world
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The KYOTO Intrepid Field Breathalyzer was create a bridge between a common gap in Second Life urban/modern role-play: driving while intoxicated. Many times players lack realistic Breathalyzers to carry out the role-play. With the KYOTO Intrepid Field Breathalyzer the officer can complete their duty with ease.

The Breathalyzer, when worn will prompt the officer to select an avatar within 3 meters of their avatar, will animate their avatar with a realistic animation, and prompt the subject to input the amount of drinks (if any) they have had. The Breathalyzer will automatically calculate the blood alcohol content of the subject, notify the officer in chat and display the reading on the side of the Breathalyzer.


1. Get within 3 meters of the test subject.

2. Find the Breathalyzer in your inventory, right-click and wear.

Note: If you are not within 3 meters of the subject or any avatar the Breathalyzer will not attach. Try getting closer to your test subject is this occurs.

3. Select the name of your test subject from the dialog menu that appears.

4. The test subject will be prompted with a dialog to input the amount of drinks they have had.

5. Wait for the Breathalyzer to count down and calculate the subjects blood alcohol content.

Once calculated, the Breathalyzer will beep and alert the officer in chat, as well as display along the side of the test unit. The unit will self detach from your avatar after a few seconds.

Note: Some animation overrides (AO's) will interfere with the test units animations. Try disabling your AO temporarily to prevent this issue if it occurs.

Blood Alcohol Content

It's up to the officer to decide what blood alcohol content is over the limit. Refer to your role-play departments protocols to decide. Generally, in most areas 0.08 is considered the legal limit, anything over would result in a driving while intoxicated charge.