Traffic Control HUD

Traffic Control HUD
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Traffic Control HUD Vendor Image
Creator Empty Neutron
Launch year 2012
Company KYOTO
Availability L$250 Marketplace/In-world
Marketplate Listing

The KYOTO Traffic Control HUD is a must-have for all police, fire dept. and DOT role-players (among others). The HUD, which is designed to be low lag, allows the player to direct traffic in any direction as realistically possible with high quality animations.


1. Find the "KYOTO - Traffic Control HUD [WEAR]" in your inventory.

2. Right click, and select 'Wear' or 'Add.'

3. Select a signal from the HUD that's positioned in your lower right corner of your viewer.

4. Turn the animation off by touching 'Turn Off' on the HUD.

Note: Some animation overrides (AOs) may affect the animations. If you encounter problems try turning off your animation override while using the HUD.