SZYM Intruder

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SZYM Intruder

2013 model in Prototype Police custom livery.
Production 2012-Present
Assembly Prototype Assembly, Prototype (Township) MG.
Engine NTBI SPT2
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The SZYM Intruder is a four-door sedan manufactured by SZYM Motors. As of 2017, The SZYM Intruder is in it's second generation.


Release Notes

  • VERSION 1.0 - 1/10/2009
    • Initial release.
  • VERSION 2.0 - 1/14/2009
    • Some bugfixes.
  • VERSION 3.0 - 6/3/2011
    • Redesigned model
    • Added Priority II, Agent II, Vertex, Quadrant, and EuroBar from Tredpro-Gentek Lighting Systems
    • Added EVHUD as default HUD
    • Theme and wheel data now stored in notecards for less script memory usage
    • NTBI In-Car-Radar system added with Quick Ticket Printing
    • Working MPH and RPM gauges w/ gear display
    • Bugfixes and new features (too many to list)
  • VERSION 4.0 - 6/9/2011
    • Fixed park/neutral gears
    • Fixed lightbar and strobe bugs
  • VERSION 5.0 - 12/14/2012
    • Redesigned model in mesh
    • Upgraded engine & transmission to SPT
    • Upgraded lighting package & all lightbars
    • Updated EVHUD to EVHUD 3
    • Added Web Config
    • Added many new features in SPT script package, rewritten from scratch (too many to list)
  • VERSION 5.1 - 12/23/2012
    • Changed exterior model to make slightly wider and less curved inwards towards bottom of body (e.g. less bathtub-like)
    • Added new grille options
    • Added more details on all themes and updated PSD (increased shine, door outlines, plastic moulding, SZ badges on front quarter panels, reflectors, keyholes)
    • Fixed EVHUD gestures controlling all nearby cars (NOTE: You must have EVHUD v3.0.3 or greater; if your 3.0 is not updating, get a new one from the vehicle)
    • Fixed EVHUD PATT button sometimes glitching out (v3.0.3+)
    • Fixed EVHUD siren lock not working in some cases (v3.0.3+)
    • Fixed stack-heap collision problems in EVHUD (v3.0.3+)
    • Added note when using PATT button on how to change mode (v3.0.3+)
    • Fixed EVHUD partially resetting on a sim crossing (v3.0.3+)
    • Added fuel filler door
    • Remodeled Vertex internal LED pods to look better
    • Fixed door access resetting to owner-only on rez
    • Darkened taillights for more contrast
    • Fixed unit numbers randomizing on every rez instead of first rez
    • Made taxi ad sign randomized on first rez, like unit numbers
    • Fixed main menu occasionally failing with script error
    • DRL setting no longer resets on rez
    • Window lock button now locks out driver if they click buttons on passenger doors, can only click buttons on driver door
    • Fixed Priority & Agent rear bumper unit number color being incorrect with the default theme
    • Fixed Civilian & Taxi corner hideaways always being default R/B/W/W when web config used
    • Fixed issue with saved themes in Web Config (and some config codes) not loading correctly
    • Spotlight option shown for all models in Web Config
    • Added taxi ad menu in manual config (Decals -> Taxi Ad)
    • Agent window cutout now enables when takedowns only (or takedown flashers) are on
    • Removed acceleration/braking tilt when not in contact with ground
    • Increased volume slightly for pavement white noise
    • Fixed passenger seats throwing "camera permission not set" errors
    • Fixed passenger seating being unpredictable (user ends up in seat other than the one clicked or animation fails)
    • Fixed window tint setting being reverted when car is re-rezzed
    • Fixed typo in pattern messages (no trailing parenthesis)
    • Fixed pattern lock not working correctly
    • Added automatic config code updater to allow for 5.0 config codes (automatically adapts to 5.1)
    • Added option to hide front license plate
    • Added option on Agent to hide lightbar
    • Added option to show coffee cup in civilian center console
    • Added option to change taxi permit texture
    • Added note when entering dashcam camera mode on how to zoom in for the correct placement of overlay
  • VERSION 5.2 - 1/20/2012
    • Added Global Fuel System - see
    • Added option in Web Config for engine stalling when fuel is empty (this is DISABLED by default)
    • Added low fuel indicator on dashboard
    • Added engine stalled start sound for when fuel is empty
    • Added fuel percent, current economy, and average economy dashboard text display modes
    • Added corresponding buttons in satnav's Display Settings menu and Web Config
    • Added "low fuel" warning for when fuel is below 10%
    • Changed engine starting sound
    • Posted instructions on how to submit your own map images to the NTBI SatNav service at
    • Radar now only detects vehicles that are in the line of sight (basically, if it can't be seen, it can't be detected)
    • Fixed Radar and BluComm MDT getting disabled when Agent is re-rezzed
    • Fixed BluComm MDT getting stuck on in Agent version
    • Fixed custom pattern cycles showing the wrong patterns and getting stuck
    • Fixed taxi TV screen and permit light not turning off
    • Fixed gauge cluster freezing if engine manually turned off then back on
    • Fixed dashcam sometimes not displaying correct text on overlay in Agent
    • Fixed dashcam text disappearing entirely if seat is moved forward
    • Fixed antennas not being configurable through Web Config
    • Fixed gear being shown as T instead of H
    • Fixed a memory leak when braking (would spam linked messages, possibly causing lag)
    • Fixed a memory leak in Weblink script which caused some stack-heap collision errors
    • InfoCenter Traffic text matrix sign now supports multi-frame on-the-fly text input
    • Tweaked InfoCenter Traffic font for increased brightness/visibility
    • Added white and green color options to InfoCenter Traffic
    • Fixed LODs on InfoCenter Traffic so they never degrade
    • Improved engine torque and braking to lessen/eliminate slipping on hills (unfortunately there is not much else we can do)
    • Improved engine torque on hills for slightly more power at low speeds (throttle 3+ should now always get up a hill, no matter what the incline)
    • Improved switching between forward/reverse (it is now considerably easier, e.g. can be done at higher speeds)
  • VERSION 6.0 - 7/18/2014
    • Rewrote everything (it's about 22 pages worth of changes, so)
  • VERSION 6.1 - 9/6/2014
    • Added All Wheel Drive (AWD) system to reduce problems on mesh roads
    • Side door decals won't alpha mask anymore (1-bit)
    • Turn signals don't have graphic bug anymore (unless parking lights are on)
    • InfoCenter Traffic doesn't have graphic bug anymore
    • Flare is transferable now (can be used by anyone)
    • Animations tweaked
    • Park & Neutral gear options now work when engine off
    • Passenger doors close 10 seconds after auto-open from Get Out (to avoid people getting in and back out but can't close doors)
    • Window specular maps set to window roll position (when stopped - unfortunately this is throttled so this is the only way to do it)
    • Added ability to set custom specular & normal maps
    • Fixed radio chatter getting stuck
  • VERSION 6.1.1 - 9/17/2014
    • Fixed trunk strobe overlay getting stuck open
    • Fixed crash sounds not working