Known Bugs

This is a list of all known bugs for NTBI products. If a product is not listed here, that means we do not know of any bugs in the latest version.

To report bugs, go to the Bug Report Form. You will not receive any response from this form - for more detailed questions, or inquiries requiring a response, contact us directly.

SPT Vehicles

These bugs apply to all vehicles with the SPT script package from Astaro, Lusch Motors, and SZYM Motors.

  • Math Error causes engine to become permanently unresponsive
    • Cause: accelerating while vehicle is selected or parked on an incline, among other rare incidents
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update
  • PERMISSION_* not set!
    • Cause: getting out of the vehicle while it's starting, client crash, etc.
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update
  • Vehicle slides down slopes easily
    • Fix: somewhat fixed in future SPT2 update, although this is a problem with LSL's vehicle physics
  • Insufficient power on inclines
    • Cause: this was originally a design feature with SPT's throttle weight, but wasn't well-received
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update
  • Stuck looping sounds (engine, car alarm, etc.)
    • Cause: LSL sound bug where llStopSound is ignored if the object is out of your draw distance
    • Fix: none - JIRA reports closed as "won't fix" (car alarm has been removed in future SPT2 update)
    • Workaround: teleport away and return, or relog
  • Web Config doesn't show dashboard info display modes for fuel consumption
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update
  • Wigwags, InfoCenter Traffic (text/arrow bar), and turn signals glitch when turned off
    • Cause: viewer bug where stopped animated textures get stuck in the last (or wrong) frame
    • Fix: right-click the vehicle to reload the texture frame state
  • Car freezes after a sim crossing
    • Cause: unknown, could not reproduce - could potentially be related to Math Error bug
    • Fix: pending
  • Satnav map image is mirrored along sim borders
    • Cause: sims without custom maps use the SL map image, which does not include bordering sims
    • Fix: none - or upload a custom map
  • Wheels just fidget instead of fully spinning
    • Cause: viewer bug where PRIM_OMEGA calls reset the spin, but only when the viewer feels like it
    • Fix: relog - although this is a quirky viewer bug, JIRA reports closed as "won't fix"
  • Moving parts and passengers lag behind the vehicle while moving
    • Cause: while alt-cammed on the vehicle's root prim, certain parts lag behind
    • Fix: alt-cam on a child prim, such as a door, hood, or trunk

SZYM Intruder

These bugs are specific to the SZYM Intruder.

  • Taxi permit texture doesn't work
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update
  • Main menu sometimes shows incorrect options
    • Fix: fixed in future SPT2 update

Condor Elevator

These bugs apply to the Condor Elevator by Gentek (and the Builder Kit).

  • NudgeBell does not use custom sound
    • Fix: pending

InfoCenter Mobile

These bugs apply to the InfoCenter Mobile by Gentek.

  • Menu interference when units are near each other
    • Fix: pending

IntelliDoor Bollard

These bugs apply to the IntelliDoor Bollard by Gentek.

  • Night light turns on when bollard is retracted (down), causing a local light
    • Fix: pending

Security Camera Kit

These bugs apply to the Security Camera Kit by Gentek.

  • If someone sits on linkset with linked cameras, cameras repeat link warning
    • Fix: pending