InfoCenter Mobile

InfoCenter Mobile

InfoCenter Mobile vendor image.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2008
Company Gentek
Availability Upgraded to InfoCenter

The InfoCenter Mobile was originally an electronic road sign created in 2008. It was the only customizable electronic sign on the grid at the time.

This page covers the InfoCenter Mobile v2. For v3 and above, see InfoCenter. Because of the complexity in the new system and licensing restrictions, v3 is not a free update.


  1. Rez your InfoCenter and position it.
  2. Click it, then choose "Set Text". Follow the instructions in chat to program text slides. Each slide handles 5 lines of 10 characters each, and the unit supports up to 8 slides that cycle every 3 seconds. Enter each line separately into local chat. When you are done, keep entering "blank" until you are prompted to enter "end" to end data collection. The text message will display immediately.
  3. To display an arrow or diamond warning pattern, choose "Mode", then select the operation mode you want. If you switch to an arrow or diamond, you can go back to your text message by selecting "Text" or by simply programming a new text message.

Additional Configuration

You can lower the display board by choosing "Lower". This will save the operation mode in memory, so when you raise it with "Raise", it will still work. You cannot tow the InfoCenter, this is just for show. You can change the color of the painted parts of the unit by choosing "Color".


The original InfoCenter Mobile (simply the InfoCenter at the time) featured a similar display and control system. However, the font was badly-aligned in the texture, forcing the display prims to be rotated to hide occasional texture bleeding on the bottom of each prim. Additionally, glow was far overused, to the point of it becoming a running joke (although not necessarily a meme). The original arrow and warn patterns also used a lazy hack - instead of using a texture animation, it simply used block text characters in a certain pattern.

For the update, the body was mostly replaced with a SOM sculptie to lower the prim count. Because of this, some extra characters could be added on the display. The display was modified so it could be flipped down, and the arrow and warn patterns used a texture animation overlay instead of the hack. The frame was also recolorable. The controller was rescripted to make it more robust.

Ironically, the sculptie used was from a knockoff version created by Will Szymborska in 2009 to compete due to the original version's poor build quality. It was never sold.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your InfoCenter Mobile by simply rezzing it.

  • v2.0
    • Redesigned build and scripts.
  • v1.1
    • Fixed programming bug during Slide 4 text.
  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.