IntelliDoor GSS

The IntelliDoor GSS (Global Security Server) is a tool used to coordinate security settings among many IntelliDoor products. While group control is easiest for limited access, in some cases it is not possible (autoreturn where the land group is not the group you want to allow, for instance). In this case, if you have many IntelliDoors, the GSS provides a single point where you can list people who should have access.


  1. Rez the GSS object and open it by right clicking and selecting Open, then double-clicking the "_config" notecard.
  2. Edit the notecard according to who you want to allow and disallow from all of the doors using this server. Make sure you change the server's name to the same server used by your doors. For more information on the whitelist, read the section labeled "WHITELIST".
  3. Save the notecard and close it. The server should automatically load the configuration, and all doors using that GSS (v3.0 and above) should automatically reset.


The GSS's primary purpose is its whitelist. When a door (or other component) "subscribes" to a GSS by using the same server name in its _config notecard, it loads this list upon resetting. As of v3.0, the blacklist was removed for compatibility purposes.
Those in the whitelist always have access to the door, regardless of the door's local settings. The lists are only limited by memory - theoretically, the system should handle more than 100 names easily.
NOTE: Whitelist names are usernames (nelson.jenkins, newbie), not legacy names (Nelson Jenkins, Newbie Resident). If you have more than 10 names, please read "Extended Whitelist" below.

Extended Whitelist

Because of LSL limitations, the whitelist line can only be read for 255 characters. However, the IntelliDoor system supports multiple whitelist lines. To be safe, separate your whitelist into 10-name increments, like so:
WHITELIST=User01, User02, User03, User04, User05, User06, User07, User08, User09, User10
WHITELIST=User11, User12, User13, User14

Due to more LSL limitations, the whitelist will max out at around 500 characters, or about 35 names. Chaining GSSes will not fix this.


Multiple GSS units can now be chained together, such that there can be a "master" GSS, then other GSS units that pull from the "master". For example, the "master" GSS could hold administrator names for a building or region, then you could have a separate GSS for every area that would be managed by different people.
It is important that you do not create a loop with this feature! For example, if you chain two GSS units together, they will continuously "update" from each other, lagging down the communications channel. If you plan on using this feature, enable the "DEBUG=1" option. This will send you a message whenever the GSS data is downloaded or sent; if you notice that this keeps sending every so often, check to make sure you do not have a loop. You can set it back to "DEBUG=0" once you have checked this.

Builder Kit Instructions

Follow this guide before using your Builder Kit components, or they will break.

Make sure you review the Full Permissions Agreement to understand how you may distribute IntelliDoor products. Remember, objects in violation of this agreement will be remotely deleted. Therefore, make sure you follow the above instructions exactly.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your IntelliDoor GSS by simply rezzing it.

  • v3.1.3
    • Fixed permissions issue (standalone version only)
  • v3.1.2
    • Fixed GSS chaining issue in some cases
  • v3.1
    • Fix involving GSS not sending updated whitelist on reset
  • v3.0
    • Implemented Buildbox integration
    • Doors now automatically reset when GSS is reset
    • Usernames in whitelist are no longer case-sensitive
    • Blacklist removed
    • Communications now streamlined onto single channel for less lag
    • GSS can now be chained together (WARNING: please read "Chaining" section above before doing this)
  • v2.1.3
    • Fixed GSS not working with v2.1.1+ doors when ID has spaces.
  • v2.1
    • Changed old-style names to usernames.
    • Slight tweaks.
  • v2.0
    • Primary public release.