NJ-Paint is a virtual pixel-based whiteboard from Gentek that can be drawn on by anyone. The board features a 56 x 36px canvas and supports around 256K colors. It has 6 tools, 6 brush sizes, 6 custom color slots, and allows for saving/loading from transferable cartridges.

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You can draw in NJ-Paint by selecting the first tool (brush) and choosing a brush size. Clicking and dragging on the canvas will paint the color chosen in the Color Options area.

NJ-Paint also supports 3 shape tools: line, rectangle, and ellipse (circle). These tools are used by clicking at the start point, then dragging and releasing at the end point. The shape will only be drawn once the cursor is released.

Basic text input is also supported using the text tool. Note that text does not wrap - it will be truncated if it's too long. NJ-Paint's font supports A-Z (uppercase only), 0-9, and most special characters on US keyboards.


NJ-Paint supports 262,144 possible colors when saving to a cartridge. This can affect gradients when working with very close colors.

Colors can be selected using the spectrum or the preset color palette. You can also save colors to the palette's custom color slots by clicking the "+" buttons, and you can clear them by clicking the "-" buttons. Alternatively, you can enter a color manually by clicking the "Enter Color" button and typing either an HTML color (#FF8800) or an RGB color (255,128,0 or <1.0,0.5,0.0>). The manual color input attempts to parse practically any variation of either of these formats, including shortened HTML colors (#F80).

Technical details: colors are drawn as RGB values (ideally around 32-bit colors, e.g. 4 billion) but downsampled when saved to 6 bits per channel (each of R, G, B) by encoding each channel into a single character, resulting in what looks like a base64 string. This ends up with essentially 18-bit color, or 262,144 possible colors. Because this is the highest possible compression without sacrificing much quality (1 byte per channel per pixel) it's possible to safely store the color value for all 2,016 pixels in a single script.


To save, you will need an empty NJ-Paint cartridge. If you don't have one, click "Get Cartridge" from the Save Image menu.

Rez the cartridge near the NJ-Paint board. Choose "Save As..." from the Save Image menu, enter a name, and the image will save to the cartridge. This will take about 30 seconds. When finished, you can take the cartridge and the image will be saved on it. (Note that cartridges can't be erased without resetting the script - you will have to rez a new cartridge every time you want to save.)

To load, you will need a full NJ-Paint cartridge. Rez it near the board and click "Load Image"; it will be loaded onto the board. When finished loading, you can delete the cartridge.

Cartridges can only be saved/loaded by their owner, e.g. the person who clicks the button on the board. The owner of the board itself does not matter; anyone can save/load on a public board using their own cartridges.

"LE Cartridges" are special pre-loaded cartridges generated from JPG/PNG images. LE Cartridges cannot be created by users. The image shown on first rez ("HAVE FUN") is an example of an image loaded from an LE Cartridge.

Permissions & Lock

The board is owner-only out of the box. Click "Settings" and select either "Group" or "Everyone" if you want others to be able to draw.

By default, NJ-Paint will lock itself to whoever begins using the board. This prevents anyone else from using it. The lock will expire 180 seconds (3 minutes) after the most recent click, at which point anyone can use the board and lock it to them. To disable this, or change the lock time, choose "Disable Lock" or "Lock Time" in the settings menu, respectively.

For 1.0.1, you can now unlock manually by clicking the X button in the upper right corner.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update NJ-Paint by rezzing it.

  • v1.0.1
    • Added manual unlock by clicking X (close window) button
  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.