IntelliDoor System
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IntelliDoor Builder Kit, the full-permissions pack of all IntelliDoor products.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2009 (Garage)
2010 (Bollard / GSS)
2012 (Everything Else)
Company Gentek Technologies
Availability Marketplace & In-World

The IntelliDoor system is a set of doors and other equipment primarily aimed at prefab builders. It uses notecard-based configuration and mesh construction where possible. While the consumer editions are no transfer, the Builder Kit includes all IntelliDoor products with transfer permissions, limited using Gentek's TOTS licensing system.

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Builder Kit Post-Unboxing Instructions

Follow this guide before using your Builder Kit components, or they will break.

Make sure you review the Full Permissions Agreement to understand how you may distribute IntelliDoor products. Remember, objects in violation of this agreement will be remotely deleted. Therefore, make sure you follow the above instructions exactly.

What is the RMS?

The RMS (Rental Management Server) is a CasperLet integration tool compatible with IntelliDoor products. At this time, it is not for sale.

What is the Buildbox?

If you are a prefab builder, you may be interested in the Buildbox. It's a free, easy-to-use, super-fast alternative to expensive rezzer boxes, plus it's fully compatible with the IntelliLight, IntelliDoor, and Condor Elevator, so that multiple copies of the same prefab don't conflict with each other - a feature unique to the Buildbox!