Simulated Power Transmission 2

Simulated Power Transmission 2 (SPT2) is a vehicle script package scripted by Nelson Jenkins under general supervision of Will Szymborska. It replaced SPT in July 2014, with the release of the SZYM Intruder 6 and SZYM Entourage 6.


SPT2 expands on SPT in a number of ways - primarily, the new Engine Control Unit (ECU) allows almost all scripts and parts to be standard among the entire product (or even all products). This means that if a change is made in the SPT2 Engine, it can simply replace the script in all SPT2 vehicles without losing their individual tuning settings and capabilities. The ECU also coordinates minor changes between packages in the same model, which allows most scripts to be shared among all packages, making it even more modular than SPT. Compared to SPT, SPT2 is far easier to port to different vehicles - generally, base vehicle script packages can be developed and finalized in a few weeks, and individual packages can take as little as half an hour each to prepare.

The SPT2 powertrain is also a major enhancement from SPT. It features a much more robust engine, full active suspension, smoothed steering, and a reworked transmission. Unlike SPT, which kept output power constant, the SPT2 transmission adjusts power as needed, similarly to the older Sliding Variable Transmission (but far more realistically). The power ratio (amount of power needed to keep the vehicle at its target speed) is also displayed in the gauge cluster, in place of the tachometer.

Although SPT2 carries over most communication protocols, practically everything had been rewritten to fix bugs and eliminate errors. Most features had to be entirely scrapped and coded from scratch. For example, the new Web Config interface was completely overhauled to be generated dynamically, so that vehicle configuration options could be set up automatically, eliminating mistakes.

Because it was designed to mimic SPT's user interface, SPT2 does not seem as much of a leap forward on the outside as did SPT. However, many customers have already contacted us to report their extreme satisfaction with the vast array of improvements. Even so, many more major features are already planned for future updates, which are sure to surprise everyone.