Ac14 Hutson

ac14 Hutson
Born June 15, 2006 (2006-06-15) (age 18)
Nationality American
Occupation Owner of Astaro, Tredpro, Ammo Bunker

Ac14 Hutson (joined June 15th of 2006) is an Ex-Teen Grid resident. Ac's first business was Ammo Bunker (originally known as Hutson Firearms Co.) a Firearms Manufacture based in the region Hyperion. Prior to making products to sell, Ac met Will Szymborska and the two of them shared land to base their operations out of. Ammo Bunker remained in operating on the Teen Grid until 2007 when Ac transferred to Main Grid.

Some of Ac's earliest work on Main Grid was on products sold by SZYM Motors, Szymborska's automotive product line. He has been responsible for major scripting improvements to all SZYM Motors vehicles since 2007, and went on to build his vehicles founding his own company, Astaro. Since 2009 Astaro/ Tredpro has developed the TPF (Tred-Pro-Fusion) Fightfighting Roleplay System, various Fire and Police roleplay vehicles and development of the SVT (Sliding Variable Transmission) System which is also used in SZYM and Lusch Motors vehicles. Tredpro, (which is the equipment branch of ac14 Hutsons operations), has developed various roleplay gear such, specializing in Radios/ Communications and various other roleplay accessories. Hutsons brands are also a part of the NTBI Conglomerate.