Lusch Motors

Lusch Motors
Founder(s) Owen Lusch
Headquarters NL (EU)
Area served Worldwide
Employees 2
Website Marketplace Store


Lusch Motors is a vehicle brand created and ran by Owen Lusch. Lusch Motors mainly focuses on European cars, though some Asian and American cars are being sold as well. The brand is established in 2008 with the release of the Lusch Motors Range Roamer. This vehicle wasn't sold much at first, but enough to create a profit and make it possible to create a second car, the Lusch Motors BNV Y7.

At the time of the release of Lusch Motors' second car, Owen met car creator Will Szymborska, who allowed him to sell the new Lusch Motors cars at his store in Zebulon.

Moderate success

With the release of the Lusch Motors Land Roamer came moderate success for Owen Lusch. The vehicle was sold reasonably well and created a profit. There were two other Land Roamers made (a softtop version and a modern version), which gave the Lusch Motors brand a off-road status.

First sculpted car

Lusch Motors created it's first sculpted car, the Lusch Motors Evoluzione, in August/September 2008. The second sculpted car, the Lusch Motors Comet, was a big success. It was the first car that had customization options: colors, wheel styles, interior colors and roof styles.

Switch to SVT scripts

The first Lusch Motors car with SVT scripts was the Elite. This turned out to be one of the best selling vehicles. All models made after the Elite are equipped with the SVT scripts. The only exception is the Baltimore, which has been updated with SVT.

Mesh cars

The Oakland is the first mesh car released by Lusch Motors. The cars' modeling and features are limited compared to newer mesh cars. Modeling on the body of the Tempo started before the Oakland, but was put on hold to finish.