SZYM Motors

SZYM Motors
Founder(s) Will Szymborska
Headquarters U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Employees 1
Website Marketplace Store

SZYM Motors was founded by Will Szymborska in 2007. It produces emergency and commercial utility vehicles.


SZYM Motors was founded as WillMart on the Teen Grid in 2007. It was a very successful manufacturer of general vehicles, which were few and far between in the Teen Grid at the time.

Upon transferring to the Main Grid, the company was rebranded SZYM Motors. As with its earlier counterpart, SZYM Motors focused on sports and Japanese vehicles. Its flagship model until 2009 was the SZYM Sinew, a prim sports car. Will competed with other racers at the MyControl Speedway to promote the Sinew with the RedLine Racing Team and racing partner Mishi Rossini.

However, in 2008, SZYM Motors released the SZYM Entourage as its entrance into the roleplay market with the assistance of ac14 Hutson.

In May 2008, SZYM Motors joined the NTBI partnership created by ac14 Hutson. Shortly after, the 2009 SZYM Entourage was released, which was the first sculpted vehicle by NTBI and enjoyed gridwide success as the most realistic police vehicle on the grid. Until 2012, SZYM Motors continued to produce sculpted vehicles, such as the SZYM Intruder, the SZYM Ambulance & Rescue Set, and a variety of commercial utility vehicles such as trucks and vans.

In November 2012, SZYM Motors released the SZYM Intruder 5 in mesh, its first mesh vehicle. The product was designed and textured by Will, modeled by Lyte Rae and ac14 Hutson, and scripted by Nelson Jenkins as the first vehicle to use the SPT Drivetrain & Script Package.

Current Status

As with the rest of NTBI, the main SZYM Motors store is in the Prototype Gardens Mall.

Many of SZYM's older product lines have since been discontinued to focus on its latest releases. A "clearance sale" was held in July 2012, where many of the older products were sold as-is at a steeply discounted price.