The AKS (Administrative Key Server) is a tool used for administrative override access among some Gentek products (currently IntelliDoor, IntelliLight, and Condor Elevator).

Unlike the GSS, the AKS is designed to act as a single administrator access list for an entire region. There are a few reasons why an AKS is better than a GSS for this purpose:

  • Updating the GSS access list forces all "downstream" components to reset and update as well. If, for example, you have hundreds (or more) of objects which subscribe to a single GSS, resetting them all simultaneously will cause significant lag and some objects may not even get the new access settings. The AKS does not cause "downstream" components to reset, so it can be edited and updated without problems.
  • While the GSS is compatible with the Buildbox and communicates only to objects with the same Buildbox ID, AKS queries ignore Buildbox restraints. So, for example, if you rez out prefabs that use Buildboxes, they will still be able to communicate with a separate AKS.
  • The AKS supports non-owner chains. This means that if you aren't the administrator of a sim, you can still rez an AKS, put the administrator's username and AKS name into your server, and your components will also query the administrator's AKS. The GSS, on the other hand, is always owner-only.
  • Unlike the GSS, the AKS can specify which permissions to give to which users/groups. For example, if you want to give specific users access to garage doors only, you can specify GARAGE_UNLOCK. There are several permissions that can be set - see Permissions below.
  • The AKS is a "cluster" - a Mainbox, and any number of Groupboxes. Groupboxes can be set to a specific SL group, and all members of that group will be given access to their specified permissions in the AKS. The GSS does not have group access control. Additionally, you can set up multiple groups, ideal for roleplay - for example, a single AKS cluster can allow a police group, a fire department group, a moderator group, etc. administrative access.