IntelliDoor Gate

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The IntelliDoor Gate is a powered arm barrier gate used for vehicle access control.


  1. Rez the gate and position it. While the gate is modify, do not link, unlink, or edit the parts or it may not work. If absolutely necessary, you may resize the entire linkset.
  2. Open the _config notecard in the gate. For now, change the gate ID to something unique. Depending on your setup, you will need to change some config values.
  3. Test the gate by clicking it. By default, it should automatically close after 20 seconds, or after a physical object passes by it - whichever is first. (Avatars do not count.)

Configuration Samples

Below are a few configuration samples that you can use.

Manually Opened by Access List

This is the default configuration. Anyone with access can click the gate to open/close it. It will also automatically close after 20 seconds, or after a physical object (such as a car) passes through it. You do not need to change anything for this, except for adding people to the whitelist and setting the base access setting.

Manually Opened by Keypad

The default configuration will also work with the IntelliDoor Keypad. Put the gate's ID in the Keypad and set the Keypad's AUTOOPEN setting to Yes. The gate will then open when a user unlocks the Keypad, and automatically close as stated above. Please note that an IntelliDoor Proxkey will likely not work with this, unless the user gets out of the vehicle.

Manually Opened by API

If you have your own script that you want to control the gate with, you can use the API documented below to control it. Keep in mind that when sending the "open" command, the gate will still start the autoclose countdown as if it was opened normally, and the "close" command will wait until the gate is clear (but it will ignore the WAITFORCAR setting, if used).

Automatically Opened by Access List

The IntelliDoor Gate also has a small sensor object that is hidden unless the DETECTOR setting is enabled. When a vehicle passes through the detector beam, the gate will automatically open only if the vehicle is owned by somebody who has access to the gate. See the DETECTOR setting below for more information.

Automatically Opened for Anyone

If you want the gate to open automatically for anyone, follow the instructions above, but also set ACCESS to Everyone.

Don't Wait for Car to Close

In some cases, you may not want the gate to close after a car passes - for example, if you have the gate timed to work with some other IntelliDoor product. To do this, set WAITFORCAR to No, and AUTOCLOSE to a reasonable waiting period (or 0 to disable it altogether).

Config Values

  • ID: This is the gate's ID string. If you want to use the API or interface it with any other IntelliDoor product (IntelliDoor Keypad, for example), this is the "door ID" that you will need to use to connect them.
  • ACCESS: This is the base access setting. These people can always control the gate by clicking on it, and objects owned by them will trigger the autoopen detector, if enabled. Can be "Everyone", "Group", or "Owner". (If you put "Group" here, the gate's group will be able to click the gate to use it, but they won't be able to use any auxiliary controllers unless you also set them to "Group".)
  • AUTOCLOSE: If you set this to 0, the gate must be manually closed. Otherwise, after N seconds, the gate will check for obstructions, then do one of the following:
    • If WAITFORCAR is set to Yes and a vehicle hasn't passed by yet, it will wait until that occurs, or the AUTOCLOSEFORCE time is reached.
    • If WAITFORCAR is set to No, it will immediately close. As such, if you choose this option, you should probably increase the autoclose time to something more reasonable, like 5.
  • WAITFORCAR: If set to Yes, the gate will not automatically close (if AUTOCLOSE is enabled) until a vehicle has passed through it, or the AUTOCLOSEFORCE time is reached. If set to No, the gate will immediately close when the AUTOCLOSE time is reached.
  • AUTOCLOSEFORCE: Sometimes the gate won't detect a vehicle to trigger the WAITFORCAR setting - perhaps the vehicle drove away without passing through, or it was too fast to detect in a high-lag condition. In this case, AUTOCLOSEFORCE is the number of seconds the gate will wait before closing automatically, whether or not a vehicle has passed through. If you set this to 0, the gate will remain open until either manually closed or another car passes through.
  • SENSORDELAY: If the gate attempts to close while obstructed (for example, a vehicle is in the way) or after a vehicle passes through while WAITFORCAR is set to Yes, it will wait until the obstruction is cleared, then wait another N seconds before actually closing. If another vehicle or object enters the path of the gate during this time, the timer will "reset" and the gate will wait another N seconds after it's cleared before closing. This allows multiple vehicles and vehicles with trailers to enter without the gate closing at an awkward time. Note that this is not used when the gate is manually closed or closed through the API - in that case, it will close immediately whenever the path is clear, as if SENSORDELAY was 0.
  • DETECTOR: This option serves two functions: as the autoopen setting, and as a position setting. When enabled, DETECTOR will cause a small detector object to emit a detector beam the length of the gate arm (including the extension) across the road, or in whichever direction that the emitter aperture faces. When a vehicle (or any physical object) crosses into that beam which is owned by somebody who has access to the gate directly (through the ACCESS or WHITELIST settings), the gate will automatically open. To disable this, leave it as 0. Otherwise:
    • To automatically place the detector on the ground N meters in front of the gate, enter a value in meters (for example, 4.0) for N. Note, however, that this may not place the detector in an optimal position, and it may not even be placed in contact with the ground if your gate motor housing and the detector position aren't at the same height, so you may have to use the second option below.
    • To manually place the detector where you want to, type in MANUAL instead of a number. This will activate the detector, but it will not be automatically moved. You will have to move it yourself as a linked object using the edit controls (make sure you have "Edit Linked" checked!) to a good position. Keep in mind, if you rotate the detector, it will emit the beam out of the aperture near the top. Remember, do not unlink it. When not active, the detector object is hidden inside the gate motor housing, so you may have to alt-cam inside it to move it out. (If you don't know how to do this, first set the DETECTOR value to a number so it is moved out, then set it to MANUAL.)
  • CITYLITE_INTERSECTION: If you own the CityLite, you can interface it with the IntelliDoor Gate. It will display an indication based on the gate's open/closed state. A 3-head signal is recommended, but a 2-head (or any other) signal will also work, although it may not show all indications accurately. Set its intersection ID to a unique value, and put that ID in this field.
  • CITYLITE_SIGNAL: If you are interfacing with a CityLite, set its signal ID to a unique value, and put that ID in this field.
  • WHITELIST: The list of people that will always be able to click the gate to operate it, and whose objects/vehicles will always be able to open the gate by passing through the detector beam (if enabled). This does not affect controllers. Separate with commas. NOTE: Whitelist names are usernames (nelson.jenkins, newbie), not legacy names (Nelson Jenkins, Newbie Resident). If you have more than 10 names, please read "Extended Whitelist" below.
  • GSS: If you are using a Global Security Server, enter its name in this field. The IntelliDoor GSS provides a "master" whitelist and blacklist for IntelliDoor components that subscribe to it.
  • AKS: This is for a future product. Ignore this field.
  • REMOTE: If you have an IntelliDoor Remote, you can put a password in this field. This is the remote password that you'll put in the remote to control this door. IMPORTANT: The IntelliDoor Remote is not owner-only. Anyone can access your door if they have this password - similarly, if you have the same password as another door, even if it is owned by someone else, it will be controlled at the same time. We recommend simply generating a random password without special characters.

Extended Whitelist

Because of LSL limitations, the whitelist line can only be read for 255 characters. However, the IntelliDoor system supports multiple whitelist lines. To be safe, separate your whitelist into 10-name increments, like so:
WHITELIST=User01, User02, User03, User04, User05, User06, User07, User08, User09, User10
WHITELIST=User11, User12, User13, User14

You can have as many whitelist lines as you need.

Resetting Gates

The gate will automatically reset when the _config notecard is edited. Alternatively, you can manually reset a gate by editing it and going to Build -> Scripts -> Reset Scripts (or wherever that option is located in your viewer). MAKE SURE the gate is closed before resetting it.


The IntelliDoor Gate can be resized using the edit window. However, it can only be resized as a linkset - individual parts cannot be resized or moved using "Edit Linked", or they will break when the gate updates.

Keep in mind, however, that when you resize the linkset, you are changing the scale on the DETECTOR and EXTENSION settings. For example, if you resized the gate linkset to 2x its original size, a DETECTOR setting of 3.0 would actually place the detector 6.0 meters away.


The IntelliDoor Gate can be linked, but caution should be exercised when linking multiple units together. The motor housing automatically searches for the closest parts, so units positioned very closely together may interfere with each other, especially when detectors are used.

Builder Kit Instructions

Follow this guide before using your Builder Kit components, or they will break.

Make sure you review the Full Permissions Agreement to understand how you may distribute IntelliDoor products. Remember, objects in violation of this agreement will be remotely deleted. Therefore, make sure you follow the above instructions exactly.


As of v3.0, the IntelliDoor has an API for controlling individual doors and components. All API communication is done on channel -494827459.

For the following, [BBID] specifies the Buildbox ID. By default, this should be NONE. However, if your doors were rezzed as part of a building through a Buildbox, it will have been set. You can get the Buildbox ID by selecting a door and checking its description - it should read BBID followed by the ID, which is usually formatted as a 36-character UUID. You can also set up your API-enabled item in the building such that it accepts and stores the Buildbox ID when it is rezzed. Note that Buildbox IDs do not change once the object is rezzed.

The IntelliDoor Gate accepts the following API commands:

  • [BBID][DoorID]&&open - Opens the gate, if not already open.
  • [BBID][DoorID]&&close - Closes the gate, if not already closed. If the gate path is obstructed, it will wait until the path is clear. This ignores the WAITFORCAR and SENSORDELAY options.

The IntelliDoor Gate does not accept the &&lock and &&unlock commands.

The IntelliDoor Gate also outputs the following API commands:

  • [BBID][DoorID]&&opening - Sent when the gate has started opening.
  • [BBID][DoorID]&&opened - Sent when the gate has finished opening.
  • [BBID][DoorID]&&closing - Sent when the gate has started closing.
  • [BBID][DoorID]&&closed - Sent when the gate has finished closing.

This can be used in combination with any script you like to control a signal, indicator, or additional equipment. If you want to integrate the CityLite, see the CITYLITE config values above.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your IntelliDoor Gate by rezzing the Update Box.

  • v3.1.2
    • Fixed permissions on Gate Button in Builder Kit
  • v3.1.1
    • Fixed a bug where setting to Everyone with an enabled detector would cause the gate to open repeatedly
  • v3.1
    • Primary public release.