Hal Berkmans

Hal Berkmans
Hal's Portrait
Born February 19, 2008 (2008-02-19) (age 12)
Nationality USA
Occupation Founder: K-Ace Designs

Personal History

Hal Berkmans joined Second Life on 2/19/2008. He began his venture in the flagship SLFD sim. It was here that he first bought his own Szym Motors vehicle, the Szym Crown Victory Taxi. The car served him well as he was introduced to the second life world. He since has been involved in many roleplay sims, and began to build using prims. Hal was one of the first NTBI employees, since then he's been around the projects, the developments and changes to NTBI and Second Life. The release of mesh has allowed him to begin his own company and start earning revenue.

Company History

Hal Berkmans is the founder of K-Ace Designs, he began modeling in Februrary of 2011 and has worked to become better ever since. He uses Cinema 4D to model mesh objects. In the fall of 2011, business picked up for him as he officially joined NTBI (the group he has been associated with for years). His flagship and only store at this time is located here (Prototype).


Hal Berkmans
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