Firing Range

Firing Range

Firing Range vendor image.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2009
Company Gentek Technologies
Availability Marketplace & In-World
Marketplace Listing

The Firing Range is a simple builder's kit with flip-down targets and a scoring system. It was designed for use by roleplay police and military departments.


  1. Rez the Firing Range Controller and position it in Lane 1.
  2. Rez Targets and position/rotate them as needed. Keep in mind that targets closer than 15m from the user may not register hits due to SL's substandard collision detection, especially from weapons with a high bullet velocity.
  3. Click the Controller, then select Setup, then Continue. Make sure you don't have targets out for other lanes, or the controller will set them up under Lane 1 (or whatever lane you're setting up).
  4. When setup is complete, you can rez another controller for the next lane (if any) and repeat steps 2 & 3. You can have up to 9 lanes per sim per owner.

Keep in mind that the lane selection process selects the lowest lane number for setup. So, for example, if you had lanes 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 set up because you had deleted 3, 5, and 8, you would want to set up lane 3, then 5, then 8.


Simply click the controller and select the game mode you want.

Game Modes

  • Mode A: 1 target every 5 seconds. Each target stays up for 3 seconds.
  • Mode B: 3 targets every 10 seconds. Targets stay up for 7 seconds.
  • Mode C: 1 target every 10 seconds. Each target stays up for 3 seconds. (Mainly for bolt-action weapons.)
  • Mode D: Unlimited targets one after another. Each target stays up for 3 seconds.


Scoring is roughly equal across all gamemodes (i.e. someone that gets 80 on Mode A would probably get around the same score on Mode B, C, and D). 100 points is generally an "expert" score, 80 is "proficient", and 60 is "passing". You may decide to modify these scores at your leisure, and restricting passing to 60 points of above is not recommended as many users simply don't have the computing power to reach such high scores. (The controller itself does not have levels for qualification; these are just suggested values for your own use.) Note, also, that scoring is not solely dependent on hits and misses. While missing a target will cost points, hitting it right before it disappears earns very few points, while hitting it within the first second will earn max points (except on Mode B, which allows around 3 seconds for max points). Hence, the score is heavily dependent on one's reflexes.

Updates & Release Notes

The Firing Range has been used by some departments for training, but its outdated design has made it fall into obscurity today. It is awaiting a mesh update, but it is not high-priority. The Firing Range is configured to check for updates when the controller is rezzed.


Primary public release.