STX Series

STX Series

STX-ALRM vendor image.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2008
Company Gentek Technologies
Availability Discontinued

The STX Series was a fire alarm system marketed by Gentek Technologies. It was the basis of Gentek's rivalry with SLiferaft, Inc.. The STX Series was expanded to support many different add-ons.

STX-ALRM Fire Alarm Pack & Voice Pack (sold separately)

Make sure you follow these instructions carefully. Incorrect setup may result in malfunctions.

  1. Rez the Main Panel and position it as you please. If you are in a roleplay region with a fire department, you should click Yes on the dialog that pops up to allow the fire department to access your fire alarm system. They will only have access to the ACK, SILENCE, RESET, and DRILL buttons. Do not set the zone on the main panel just yet or the system will not be set up properly.
  2. Rez annunciators and position them as you please. You should have one annunciator on each floor of your building, preferably in an easy-to-access area. You can have more if you wish.
  3. Rez pull stations and position them as you please. You should have no more than one pull station per medium-sized room. You can have more or less if you wish. You should map out pull station locations and number them. You can set the pull station number by clicking it, clicking PS Num, and changing the pull station number. If you are setting up a system with a zone other than 1, change the pull stations' zones as you install them by clicking them, clicking Zone, and changing the zone number as you wish.
  4. Rez fire alarms and position them as you please. (If you are using the Voice Pack, use the voice fire alarms instead.) You should have one per medium sized room. You can omit small rooms (they are very loud and can be heard for quite a long distance). They should be placed above or near pull stations. Again, follow the instructions in step 3 to change their zones if you need to.
  5. If you are using the Voice Pack, rez a voice panel near the main panel. Do not set its zone yet. If you are using the Smoke Pack, follow its setup instructions now.
  6. Open the main panel and press and hold the RESET button for at least 5 seconds. The system will reset and display the number of annunciators, alarms, detectors, and pull stations in its zone. When that is complete, it (and all annunciators) should display "SYSTEM NORMAL".
  7. If you are setting up a system in a zone other than 1, change the zones for the main panel, the voice panel, and the annunciators, then reset the system from the main panel.

Main Panel

The main panel has 7 status lights:

  • POWER means that the main panel is operating.
  • ALARM means that an alarm has been activated due to a trouble condition.
  • PRE-ALARM means that a trouble condition has been detected but the panel has not activated the alarm status.
  • TROUBLE indicates a trouble status.
  • SILENCED means that the system has been silenced.
  • DISABLED means that the system is not operable (usually means when it is being reset).

There are two possible error conditions during a reset:

  • CONTROL PAD NOT RESPONSIVE: The control pad on the panel did not respond to the ping request. This is usually due to lag. If it recurrs after another reset, rez a new panel.
  • DAC CIRCUIT NOT DETECTED: No alarms responded to the ping request. In the event of a trouble status, the panel will not activate any alarms.

There are 4 trouble statuses:

  • PSTATION _: A pull station has been activated. If you numbered the pull stations, the number after PSTATION is the number of the pull station that was activated. After the system is reset, you can go to that pull station and check its history if you wish.
  • DETECTOR _: A smoke detector has detected smoke. If you numbered the smoke detectors, the number after DETECTOR is the number of the detector that sensed smoke. You can check this location to ensure that there is no fire.
  • DRILL: An annunciator (or the control panel) activated a drill. Note that some fire departments may not respond to this trouble status.
  • SPRINKLER FLOW ALARM: If a compatible sprinkler system is in the same zone, this means that the sprinkler system has been activated. (The sprinkler system was never released.)

The main panel also has 5 buttons:

  • ACK acknowledges alarms and silences the panel buzzer. The alarm should be acknowledged upon fire department arrival.
  • SETS opens the settings menu, which is only accessible to the owner.
  • SILENCE silences alarms but does not deactivate strobes. Alarms should be silenced when all building occupants have evacuated. Do not silence the alarm before acknowledging it.
  • RESET resets the system and deactivates strobes.
  • DRILL tests the system as an annunciator drill. Note that some fire departments may not respond to alarms where the trouble status is an annunciator drill.

The settings menu has 5 options:

  • AddAllow allows you to add someone to the panel's access list such as a co-tenant.
  • RemAllow allows you to remove someone from the panel's access list.
  • ListAllow lists the people on the access list.
  • ListFD lists the people on the fire department's access registry if you have allowed them to operate your fire alarm system.
  • Zone goes into the zone menu.

Pull Stations

Pull stations are either pulled or reset when anyone clicks them (resetting a pull station silences the system). However, when the owner clicks on them, a menu appears:

  • Touch allows the owner to touch the pull station normally.
  • History shows the last 20 events (pull/silence, a timestamp, and the detected name).
  • PS Num allows you to change the pull station ID number.
  • Zone goes into the zone menu.


Annunciators operate like the main panel. However, they do not show reset information (error messages, numbers, etc.) and you cannot add or remove people from the access list from them. Their ListAllow function also lists both the panel's access list and the fire department's access registry combined.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms also have a menu when clicked by the owner:

  • Zone goes into the zone menu.
  • Mode changes the alarm's mode (Spkr & Strobe, Spkr Only, Strobe Only).
  • For some fire alarms (such as the 4903-MT), Tone cycles through the tone.

Voice Panel (if equipped)

The Voice Panel displays trouble conditions and the tone/message numbers. To cycle through the tone/message numbers, click the TONE and MSG buttons accordingly. Click the SET ZONE button to go into the Zone menu.

Updates & Release Notes

The STX-ALRM packs are configured to check for updates when the panels are rezzed.

  • v1.3.1
    • Fixed bug where zones greater than 1 broke fire alarms and pull stations.
  • v1.3
    • Added time display when idle on panels.
    • Retained pullstation/detector ID after pressing RESET or SILENCE.
    • Resized horn/strobe units.
    • Changed pullstation ID number entry to chat-based.
  • v1.2
    • Fixed local memory bug.
  • v1.1
    • Various bugfixes.
  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.

STX-5MK3 Smoke Detector

The STX-5MK3 was a set of two smoke detectors that could be operated separately or in conjunction with an STX-ALRM Fire Alarm System.


Note: If you are using an STX-ALRM Fire Alarm Pack on the same zone, follow its setup instructions first.

  1. Rez smoke detectors on the ceilings of the rooms you wish to cover. They have a 10m radius in all directions below them. Note that this does not mean they have a 10m radius of floor space, so place them every 8m or so for maximum coverage. If you do not need 100% coverage in the room, just place one every 10m.
  2. If you wish, you can map out the smoke detectors in the building and number them. Use the Det Num function in the smoke detector's menu to number them. This number will show up on trouble statuses in the STX-ALRM Fire Alarm Panel and the STX-FDAR Alarm Receiver. (Note: smoke detectors separate from a fire alarm system will not send signals to alarm receivers.)

For rooms with ceilings higher than 5m they may not be very effective.
Do not place them horizontally on walls - they may not work correctly.


To silence the smoke detector manually, click it and select Clear. (Other people can simply click it and it will be silenced.) If synced with an STX-ALRM Fire Alarm Pack, the smoke detector will automatically silence when the system is reset.

Updates & Release Notes

The STX-5MK3 Smoke Pack is configured to check for updates when the detectors are rezzed.

  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.

STX-FDAR Alarm Receiver

The STX-FDAR was an alarm receiver for roleplay fire departments.


  1. Rez a receiver unit and position it as you wish.
  2. If you want to enable the Radio Relay (which relays the alarm message to Tredpro v2 Radios), click the unit and select RR Wizard, then follow the instructions sent to you.

General Operation

The STX-FDAR operates automatically. To display the last received alarm, simply click the unit.
You can enable or disable the audible alert by clicking the unit and selecting "Tog. Alert". You can also set the volume by clicking Set Volume.
To [re]configure the Radio Relay, go through the RR Wizard. To completely disable it, click "Tog. Radio".

Updates & Release Notes

The STX-FDAR Alarm Receiver is configured to check for updates when it is rezzed.

  • v1.1
    • Added Radio Relay.
    • Added audible alert toggle.
    • Added volume control.
  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.

STX-FDRG Access Registry

The STX-FDRG was an access registry to allow roleplay fire departments access to subscribing fire alarm systems in the region. This would allow their firefighters to control the fire alarm systems of other users.


  1. Rez the unit and position it as you wish. If the unit automatically deletes itself due to another unit in the same region, contact the estate manager to have it returned (if yours is legitimate, of course).
  2. Open the unit and open the "_regaccess" notecard.
  3. Follow the instructions in the notecard to add people to your access registry. Use old-style account names (Nelson Jenkins, newuser Resident), not display names or new usernames.
  4. Save the notecard and click the unit to load it.

General Operation

The STX-FDRG operates completely automatically; there are no settings to modify.

Updates & Release Notes

The STX-FDRG Access Registry is configured to check for updates when it is rezzed.

  • v1.0
    • Primary public release.