Stalker II

Stalker II

Stalker II vendor image.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2007
Company Gentek Technologies
Availability Discontinued

The Stalker II is a LIDAR unit designed for roleplay police departments.

The original model, just the Stalker, was released in 2007. It remained one of the longest-running products in Gentek's product lines, thanks to the Stalker II update. The original model featured a similar HUD but also had a handheld unit that was worn on the avatar which would do the scanning. This proved inefficient and buggy, so the Stalker II limited the unit to a HUD.

General Operaion

The Stalker II operates similarly to the Stalker I (or any other RADAR/LIDAR device).

  • The TARGET window shows the current speed of the closest moving object. It will go blank after 2 seconds of not sensing a target.
  • The LOCK window shows the max speed recorded so far. Click the CLR button to clear this value.
  • The PATROL window shows your current speed.
  • The STATUS window shows the unit's current status (STB, ACT, or off). To turn on the unit, click the POWER button. To activate the LIDAR, click the STB/ACT button. To deactivate it, click the button again. It is recommended to go into standby mode when LIDAR is not needed (i.e. you are pursuing the target) and it is recommended to turn the unit off whenever possible (i.e. you have recorded the max speed).
  • The UNITS button changes the units between miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and meters per second. The units default to miles per hour upon reset. When clicked, the STATUS window will briefly display the new units.
  • The RESET button resets the HUD entirely. Use this if the HUD is malfunctioning.

The acquisition tones speed up the closer the vehicle is to you. Thus, if they speed up, the vehicle is moving closer to you. If they slow down, the vehicle is moving farther away.

Operation Tips

The best angle for running radar is 45 degrees (diagonal) to the road. The Stalker II's range is 96m outward in a cone from the front of your vehicle and vehicles will be picked up from either direction most efficiently in this position.
You can also operate moving radar. The closest vehicle in front of you will be targeted. Note that vehicles moving in the opposite direction will also be targeted as long as they are closer to you than any vehicles in your direction.


If you cannot get a target reading, make sure the unit is on and it is in ACT mode. If there are many nearby vehicles or scripted objects, the LIDAR signal may be distorted and the unit may give an erroneous speed or none at all. Do not operate the Stalker II in periods of high lag.

Updates & Release Notes

The Stalker II LIDAR Unit is configured to check for updates only when the HUD is attached.

  • v2.0
    • Primary public release of Stalker II.
  • v1.0
    • Primary public release of Stalker I.