Astaro Imperial

Astaro Imperial Crusier

Current Astaro Imperial
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2009
Company Astaro
Availability 2125$ Marketplace/Inworld
Marketplace Link

The Astaro imperial is a large sedan style car (based on the Ford Crown Victoria) and focused primarily on police service role-play. The newest imperial is the third generation of imperial to be released.


From the marketplace listing.
"The Imperial is a must for any Roleplay or Non-Roleplay Police Department or Service. Its best in class Emergency Lighting, Advanced Radar and Custom Decal features as well as different themes make it a stand out as a universal and mutli-application vehicle.

Compared to the second generation. the new (3rd) generation features some redone sculpts and all remade textures, while maintaining its look.

Features Include:

  • 3 Different Versions (Quadrant, Priority and Agent Light bar Types)
  • 11 Themes (Which includes basic colors for a Non-Police look)
  • 5 Rim/ Wheel Styles
  • LED Lights Mounted on Mirrors, Grill and Back Window (Both LED and Lightbars can have Red, Blue, Red&Blue or Amber Light Colors) as well as Headlight ‘Wig-Wags' and Taillight ‘Strobes'
  • Easy to use Tredpro Mini1 HUD for Siren and Light Controls
  • Group Owner of Everyone Access
  • NTBI’s One of a kind SVT (Sliding Variable Transmission) which allows for superior off-road ability on any terrain
  • Fully sculpted with attention payed to details
  • Custom License Plate Texture and Custom Side Door decal ability’s (Have your departments logo or company name on appear on the cars doors!)
  • Tredpro In-Car Speed Radar (Which will pickup any vehicle moving faster then 20MPH)
  • Automatic Ticket Writing System for gathering information on stopped vehicles
  • Working Headlights, Taillights, Brake lights
  • Simple one-click operation Police Spotlight on all 3 versions
  • Togglable Push Bar
  • Ride Height Changer
  • 4 Opening Doors and Trunk (Seats 4 people)"

1st generation

SZYM Imperial 1st gen

The first gen Astaro imperial was actually released under the SZYM name. The first version featured a crude resemblance to the real life Ford Crown Victoria, due to this many diehard crown vic fans held on the this model long after the second gen was already released. Nevertheless the first gen eventually faded from use due to the age of the scripting and textures.

2nd generation

Astaro Imperial 2nd gen

The second gen Astaro imperial was completely redesigned from the first gen. Featuring new sculpted construction free of alpha texture doors.

3rd generation

Astaro Imperial 3rd gen

The third revision of the imperial features reworked sculpties to maximize the detail in the same number of prims. To cope with this change every texture on the car had to be remade from scratch. A new workflow was devolved to create textures and 41 themes were made over the course of 2 days.

War Update

During May of 2011 Both the Astaro Imperial and the Szym Intruder were going to be updated. As a PR stunt a voting booth was placed in prototype to see what car was more popular. During this time owners of either car could go and vote for what one they thought was the best.