Turnout Gear

Tredpro Turnout Gear

Turnout Gear Vendor Image
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2016
Company Tredpro
Availability 1000$ Marketplace/Inworld
Marketplace Link


  • Fully rigged jacket and pants
  • Attached firefighter boots and gloves
  • Rigged SCBA pack with standalone air system
  • Three types of airmask
  • Configuration dispensing locker

The Tredpro Turnout gear is a 2016 product from Tredpro.

The gear includes 6 choices of fabric colors and 4 colors of reflective stripes. In addition to the built in textures each piece can be customized including the SCBA pack. The box includes a locker that can save and the appearance of the owners current gear and distribute it to others who click it while wearing the gear.

SCBA system

The set includes a new standalone SCBA system capable of working with either TPF or HD fire system. The air system is configurable including max tank pressure and low air warning mode.

Texture Templates

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