TPF-3 Ladder

Astaro TPF-3 Ladder

TPF-3 Ladder
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2012
Company Astaro
Availability 2400L$ InWorld/Marketplace
Marketplace Link

The Astaro TPF-3 Ladder is a 100' rear-mount turntable ladder truck. The truck features a pump so it can be used as an engine if needed or on its own. The short length of the truck makes it easier to fit though tight streets and it also features a small deployed profile.


Engine Type: NTBI SVT, 3 gear
Max Speed:60mph
Seating Capacity: 4
Lighting System:Front: NTBI Priority LED | Rear: Tredpro Vitaspin | Strobes: NTBI LED
Pump Capacity: 1800 GPM
Tank Capacity: 300 Gallons
Foam Capacity: 2200 Gallons
Max Attack Lines: 5
Max Supply Lines: 4

Ladder Length 100ft
Multi-directional control
Negative pitch support

Equipment Carried:


  • Fully working 100' Turntable ladder.
  • Ladder mounted deck gun
  • Full range of equipment
  • 3 Spots for custom decals