Utility Pole Set

Tredpro Utility Pole Set

Utility Pole Vendor Image
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2012
Company Tredpro
Availability 345$ Marketplace/Inworld
Marketplace Link

The Tredpro utility pole set is an easy way to add utility pole details to your land. The package includes a hud that lets you quickly place utility poles (connected) wherever you want. The set includes 4 pole textures and your choice of transformer.

The poles can also be set to break when impacted by a vehicle at high speed. When broken the pole will fall over, emit sparks and noises, and pull wires down with it. The poles can be easily repaired by click holding them.


  • Low Prim 2 prims per pole+strand of wires
  • Easy to use placement HUD
  • Breakable when struck by vehicles
  • Great for roleplay or town regions
  • 4 types of textures and your choice of transformers