TPF-1 Engine

Astaro TPF-1 Fire Engine

FDNY Theme TPF-1
Creator ac14 Hutson
Launch year 2012
Company Astaro
Availability 2400$ Marketplace/Inworld
Marketplace Link

The Astaro TPF-1 Fire Engine is a fully working American Fire Engine. Equipped with the TPF fire system the TPF-1 is a well rounded pumper truck capable of handling most fire fighting tasks.


Engine Type: NTBI SVT, 3 gear
Max Speed:60mph
Seating Capacity: 4
Lighting System:Front: NTBI Priority LED | Rear: Tredpro Vitaspin | Strobes: NTBI LED
Pump Capacity: 1400 GPM
Tank Capacity: 850 Gallons
Foam Capacity: 2200 Gallons
Max Attack Lines: 4
Max Supply Lines: 4

Equipment Carried:


The TPF-1 features 11 themes 3 grills, and 5 wheel choices. It features 3 places to fit custom decals and has fully customizable license plates.
All passenger doors can be opened and the rear of the cab can be walked though by smaller avatars. The rear doors of the truck can open revealing equipment compartments.
The truck is fully EVHUD compatible and utilities extra buttons for horn and siren controls.