Attack Line

Basic TPF Attack Hose

The Attack line/hose is what is used to actually fight the fires. It is the output of the water system.


To connect the Attack line to the truck, first wear the hose, then click on the house and hit "Connect" while with in range of the pump. if you are near the pump but it says "No devices found" move and try again.

Those hose is aimed with mouse-look and the valve is released by clicking. When the valve is released water will be sprayed


The Attack line has two modes, FOG and STREAM. Fog mode is good for up close fires as it will mist the entire area with water and is effective at putting out fires.
Stream mode is useful for fires that are further away. Stream mode shoots a beam of water at much higher velocity so it can be good for tall buildings.
The Attack line also supports A-Type Foam. To use foam the pump operator must charge the system with foam, then the hose will automatically switch to using foam. (foam is only used as stream mode).

to an attack line it can be detached, or you can click it again and hit "Disconnect" (recommended)