Land configuration tool


The Parcel configuration tool is used to setup a parcel for use with the TPF fire system.


Upon rezzing the tool it will ask you what kinds of fires you want to allow (or to disallow fires). You should choose Type A (type b fires do not exist yet).
Next the box will ask for the difficulty. It is recommended to set this between 30 and 70. This option changes the speed that the fires grow and how difficult they are to put out.
Finally the box will ask for the max number of child fires allowed on the parcel. This determines how many fires each fire can rez when spreading (set to 0 to disable spreading). PLEASE NOTE: Do not set this value above 6 or else the number of fires on the parcel will be some absurd number. Recommended values are between 2 and 4.

By setting various parcels to different settings a sim manager can setup more difficult fire scenarios or protect certain areas by disallowing fire.

Setting Description

When you complete the steps the tool will spew out text that is the current parcel description + the config. Simply copy this and paste it in the description box under the about land window. The parcel is now setup to use TPF fire.