Pump Hud

TPF Pump HUD disconnected

The TPF Pump HUD is a hud attachment that works with a TPF fire truck to provide greater control over pumping operations.


The Pump HUD can be retrieved from the equipment menu of any TPF truck. Clicking on the key will give you a menu of trucks to connect to. Once the hud is connected it can be disconnected in the same manner.
When Connected the pump hud will show all the trucks outputs.
The name of the person using an attack line (or name of the connection) will appear above a colored square that corresponds to the colored rings on the outputs of the engine. (also on the text of the attack lines)
To adjust the water flow of a given output simply move the lever up or down the gallons per minute display will change and the output will be changed accordingly.


The main benefit of the Pump HUD is to allow a pump operator (engineer) to directly control the flow of water. For advanced operation of the system an engineer is required.
The best way to correctly control water is to look at the text of the pump and try to balance input and output of the engine.

Running with the output greater than the input is bad because the truck will run out of water.
Running with the input greater than the output means there is firefighting capability that is not being utilized.

For example, say the engine is getting 180GPM worth of water, and two attack lines are using 360GPM on full pressure. The pump operator should bump both attack lines down to 50%(or 180GPM) to keep from running out of water. Reducing attack line pressure also makes it easier for firefighters to move up and down stairs.

Deck Gun

The Deck gun is also controlled from the Pump Hud. To turn on the deck gun you need to click the truck and go to pump>CnctDeckGun to disconnect use DC DeckGun.
To control the force and distance of the deck gun simply increase or decrease its output pressure. To move the deck gun use the 4 way switch on the hud.
To switch between moving 2 different deck guns (on trucks with multiple guns) use the DG switch next to the key.

TPF-3 Ladder

The pump hud can control the TPF-3 Ladder. To control the ladder the DG selector switch must be set to DG2 (light off) you can then use the control stick and rocker switch on the bottom to control the ladder.