Draft Float

A draft float

The Draft float is a hollow piece of plastic used to float a hard suction line above water.


The Draft float is used to suck (draft) water from linden water supplies (Natural water in a sim). The draft float's secondary use is to draft water from a tankers drop tank.

Drafting from linden water

To draft from linden water, select "Draft Float" from the equipment menu. the float will be rezzed on top of the engine and automatically connect. You must then drag or edit the draft float over to water and drop it in ( if the float is too far away from the engine it will move closer, the limit is 15m).

Drafting from Drop Tank

To draft from a drop tank, follow the same procedure as for linden water, but drop the float into the drop tank. The float will automatically convert to a hard suction line and will draft from the tank as long as there is water in it.

To disconnect the float, click its truck connection (black pipe) and hit "REMOVE".