Drop Tank

An empty drop tank

The droptank is used by the TPF-2 Tanker to temporarily store water for an engine or tanker to use as a water source. Once the tanker drops water in a drop tank, this allows the tanker to refill at another location and refill the drop tank again later.



1. Once the tanker is full of water, turn on the pump via the 'Pump' menu in the GUI.

2. In to the 'Equipment' menu, select 'Drop Tank'. This will rez the droptank which will be empty and ready for water.

3. Go back to the 'Pump' menu and choose 'Water Dump'.

A tanker dropping water into a drop tank. (Water level is full).

The tanker will start dumping all available water into the tank directly behind it. If the water in the drop tank is exhausted you can back another tanker full of water up to the tank in the correct orientation as it was when it originally dropped water and repeat this process to refill the tank. If the back of the truck does not line up with one of the sides of the drop tank, water might not be properly dumped. Periodically through the water dumping process, the level of the water in the drop tank will move upwards until its full.

Once a draft float (which converts to a hard suction hose) is dropped into the drop tank as an output to another truck, the gallons left in the tank will display.


Refer to Draft Float for instructions on how to access the water from the drop tank.

To remove a drop tank, click on it and select "REMOVE" (note you must be in the same group to remove connectors).