IntelliDoor Remote

The IntelliDoor Remote is a remote controller for the IntelliDoor Garage, IntelliDoor Bollard, and IntelliDoor Gate.


  1. Rez or wear the remote. The remote can be linked to a separate object (such as a sun visor in a car) if you wish.
    1. For linking to SPT3 vehicles, use the GMLS version. The normal version will not resize correctly. For more information on GMLS, see Global Mod Link System. For all other uses, use the normal version.
  2. Edit the _config notecard inside it and set password(s). To not use a button, leave its password blank.
  3. Save the notecard and close it. The remote will load the notecard, and the indicator should flash slowly. Once extinguished, the remote is ready to use.

Config Values

  • PASSWORD1, PASSWORD2, PASSWORD3: These are the IntelliDoor remote passwords for each button.
  • ACCESS: This is the base access setting. These people will be able to click the remote and use it if it is rezzed out. Can be "Everyone", "Group", or "Owner". If you are installing the remote on an SPT3 vehicle, leave this as "Owner".
  • WHITELIST: The list of people that will always be able to click the remote to operate it if it is rezzed. Separate with commas. NOTE: Whitelist names are usernames (nelson.jenkins, newbie), not legacy names (Nelson Jenkins, Newbie Resident). If you have more than 10 names, please read "Extended Whitelist" below.

Extended Whitelist

Because of LSL limitations, the whitelist line can only be read for 255 characters. However, the IntelliDoor system supports multiple whitelist lines. To be safe, separate your whitelist into 10-name increments, like so:
WHITELIST=User01, User02, User03, User04, User05, User06, User07, User08, User09, User10
WHITELIST=User11, User12, User13, User14

You can have as many whitelist lines as you need.

SPT3 Vehicle Compatibility

As of v3.2, you can attach the IntelliDoor Remote to an SPT3 vehicle and it will automatically position itself on the edge of the driver's side sun visor. Additionally, it will always temporarily whitelist the current seated driver.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your IntelliDoor Remote by simply rezzing or wearing it.

  • v3.2
    • Added GMLS and visor detection compatibility for SZYM Paladin 7.
  • v3.1
    • Primary public release.