EVHUD 2, expanded to show the EVHUD Store.
Creator Nelson Jenkins
Launch year 2010
Company Gentek Technologies
Availability Packaged free with most NTBI vehicles
User Manual

The EVHUD is an emergency vehicle controller HUD that is packaged with most NTBI vehicles. It is the main controller used for lights & sirens, as well as headlights, turn signals, and other various features. It is the successor to the Evolution HUD. EVHUD stands for Emergency Vehicle HUD, not EVolution HUD.

In versions 1 & 2, the EVHUD Store was an access-anywhere store where users could purchase different siren sound sets to simulate their favorite vehicles. The GT6500 Siren was included with the unit for free, and there were 11 more sirens available for purchase. They could be bought and used instantly. As of version 3, all 12 siren sets were made free to allow for siren locking in vehicle configurations.

EVHUD is extremely popular with first responders due to its simple, time-tested design and small profile. It was released to great fanfare in 2010 at Mascouten II, where it was quickly adopted by a majority of police and fire units there. Users loved the unique reverb attachment, which simulated reverb the further away the listener was to the source. It was the only emergency vehicle siren to do so in the game, perhaps the only object entirely. For version 3, the reverb attachment was removed and the reverb drivers were put in the vehicle itself. Additionally, the EVHUD had only two bugs while in Version 1, making it one of the most bug-free releases in Gentek's history.

Custom Colors

Gentek used to offer custom color ordering for the Priority, Agent, and Legacy lightbars on pre-mesh NTBI vehicles. These have been discontinued. For mesh vehicles WITHOUT Web Config, the custom color menu is as follows:

  • PRESETS: Opens the preset color schemes (red, red/blue, blue, amber in most cases). Click one and you're done.
  • CUSTOMIZE: Customize your color scheme. Select a section to customize and choose a color. If need be (although not recommended) you can use the Color Picker HUD included with your vehicle to choose a fully custom color, if your vehicle supports it (the "Custom" option).

Note that clicking the COLOR button briefly controls the lightbar color, while holding it down for a few seconds controls the strobe color. For mesh vehicles WITH Web Config, custom colors can be done using Web Config.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your EVHUD by simply wearing it. If you cannot get an update, click a vehicle and select "Get HUD" (some early 3.0 versions did not have an update script).

  • v3.0.3
    • Fixed legacy mode for TPF vehicles, Lusch Allstar, and GTMD HF-6000.
  • v3.0.2
    • Minor bugfixes.
    • Raised memory limit to avoid memory overflows.
  • v3.0.1
    • Fixed gestures controlling all nearby HUDs. NOTE: All users in the region MUST have this version or higher. If anyone has a 3.0 HUD, they will still control any HUD version.
  • v3.0
    • Redesigned model and rescripted everything.
    • Added gestures for code 2/3/4 quick activation.
    • Added tons of vehicle synchronization features.
    • Added passenger control.
  • v2.4
    • Added gestures for turn signals.
    • Fixed bug where gestures could control an ejected siren.
    • Added turn/hazard signal controls.
    • Preloaded menu textures for quicker loading (except siren names and prices).
    • Added gift credit framework.
    • Added automatic speedometer.
    • Added gear indicator for supported vehicles.
    • Added ten speaker super live sound system.
    • Added color and pattern control for strobes for supported vehicles.
    • Added pattern hovertext display for supported vehicles.
    • Removed payment box and made payment automatic for EVHUD Store purchases.
    • Slight optimizations to code, probably not even measurable.
    • Put user manual online because having a notecard is still stupid no matter what everyone tells me.'
  • v2.3.1
    • Minor bugfixes.
  • v2.3
    • Optimized data protocol to significantly reduce server load
    • Extended siren controls to allow UP, DOWN, and individual MANUAL tones
    • Changed reverb attachment to allow for extended siren controls
    • Split siren controls to speed up button response
    • Fixed bug involving special buttons not reverting back to normal buttons
  • v2.2
    • Added momentary and independent buttons
  • v2.1
    • Added check for server lockdown
  • v2.0
    • Full script rewrite and made free for use with NTBI cars
  • v1.1
    • Some bugfixes
  • v1.0
    • Initial public release


If your HUD does not work correctly, make sure the master switch is on, then try holding the RESET button.
If your siren breaks and says "Too many sound requests." you've hit the sound request limit to prevent griefing (although it doesn't really do anything but break content). Wait a few seconds, turn the siren off, on, and back off, and then use it normally. This only occurs when you overuse the horn and manual buttons.

Version 2 & NTBI Agreement

The EVHUD v2 was the first big agreement between NTBI and Gentek, which cemented Gentek's position as an NTBI affiliate. It was designed in conjunction with Will Szymborska and ac14 Hutson, who helped fully integrate it with NTBI vehicles. It retained the dual sirens, but modified the light controller to allow for 6 customizable buttons which would hide/show depending on how the vehicle being used was equipped. (For example, in a vehicle with no lightbar, the LBAR button would be hidden.) A later version added momentary buttons that would only activate when held, along with an updated siren driver, Gift Credits, turn signal controls, a speedometer and gear indicator, and gestures to control the siren, lights, and turn signals.

EVHUD Pro Extreme

In March 2012, a competing vehicle creator issued an update to one of their vehicles with a limited HUD, then started to sell another version of the same HUD with more features for about half of the price of the original vehicle. As the EVHUD is included free with NTBI vehicles and still contains more features than the competitor's paid HUD, a satirical advertisement was created depicting what would happen if a stripped-down EVHUD was included for free, and users were required to purchase the full HUD. A later image was produced parodying one of the advertising images, dubbed as "spaghetti" as the arrows pointing to features on the HUD curved and crossed each other in multiple places.