IntelliDoor Proxkey

The IntelliDoor Proxkey is a unique addition to the IntelliDoor series in that it requires the user to be nearby and unobstructed, e.g. they could physically reach out and touch it. This can be used to only allow users to open a door on a certain side of it, or prevent people from camming around to operate it.


  1. Set up the door according to its user manual.
  2. Rez the proxkey near the door and position it.
  3. Open the _config notecard inside the proxkey and make sure the DoorID is the same as the DoorID in the door's _config notecard.
  4. Save the _config notecard and test the proxkey by clicking it. The green indicator light should turn on, and should turn off when you open the door. (As owner, you can open the door without unlocking it, so get someone not covered by the base access setting to test it as well.)

Config Values

  • DoorID: This is the door's identifier. Make sure this is the same as the DoorID value in the door's _config notecard.
  • Access: This is the base access setting. Can be "Everyone", "Group", or "Owner". These people can click the proxkey to be granted entry.
  • Whitelist: The list of people that will always be able to click the proxkey to gain entry. Separate with commas. NOTE: Whitelist names are usernames (nelson.jenkins, newbie), not legacy names (Nelson Jenkins, Newbie Resident). If you have more than 10 names, please read "Extended Whitelist" below.
  • GSS: If you are using a Global Security Server, enter its name in this field. The IntelliDoor GSS provides a "master" whitelist and blacklist for doors that subscribe to it (for example, if you have a group of doors that you want a list of people to control).
  • AKS: This is for a future product. Ignore this field.
  • Autoopen: Can be either Yes or No. Door(s) will automatically open when the proxkey is unlocked if this is enabled.

Extended Whitelist

Because of LSL limitations, the whitelist line can only be read for 255 characters. However, the IntelliDoor system supports multiple whitelist lines. To be safe, separate your whitelist into 10-name increments, like so:
WHITELIST=User01, User02, User03, User04, User05, User06, User07, User08, User09, User10
WHITELIST=User11, User12, User13, User14

You can have as many whitelist lines as you need.


The Proxkey is fully compatible with the IntelliDoor Home, Commercial, Industrial, and Alarmed, but only partially compatible with the IntelliDoor Garage and IntelliDoor Bollard. This is because the Garage & Bollards don't have a lock feature. However, you can set them to Owner only, and use the Proxkey as a controller (enable auto-open, and use auto-close in the Garage or Bollards).

Builder Kit Instructions

Follow this guide before using your Builder Kit components, or they will break.

Make sure you review the Full Permissions Agreement to understand how you may distribute IntelliDoor products. Remember, objects in violation of this agreement will be remotely deleted. Therefore, make sure you follow the above instructions exactly.

Updates & Release Notes

You can update your IntelliDoor Proxkey by rezzing the Update Box.

  • v3.1
    • Minor performance fixes.
  • v3.0
    • Primary public release.