Founder(s) Nelson Jenkins
Headquarters U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Employees 1
Website Marketplace Store

Gentek is an NTBI affiliate that spans a variety of different markets. Currently, they are focused on roleplay building components, such as the IntelliDoor and Condor Elevator.

Gentek was founded in 2005 by Nelson Jenkins, who has remained as the head of the company.

It used to have a separate website at, but its content was moved to the NTBI Wiki and it was closed to public access on April 14, 2012. The site is still being used for internal projects.

It is also the only NTBI affiliate to have its own Company Policy.

There is also a list of Discontinued Gentek Products.


  • November 2005: Company founded under the name "Effective Emergency Equipment"
  • December 2005: Began work in indoor/outdoor warning industry
  • August 2006: Developed first-ever emergency vehicle lightbar attachment
  • November 2006: Name changed to "Second Signal Industries"
  • December 2006: First standalone store opened in Deneb
  • August 2007: Name changed to "Integrated Alert Technologies"
  • December 2007: Name changed to "Gentek Technologies"
  • December 2008: First met other NTBI affiliates in Bliss
  • February 2009: Domain name and full website purchased
  • March 2010: Donated US$1,419.00 to the Snow Leopard Trust
  • April 2011: Partnered with NTBI for emergency vehicle products
  • April 2012: Name shortened to "Gentek"

Notable Releases

Gentek has pioneered the emergency vehicle market, providing best-in-class lighting and siren packages for over 5 years. Their most widespread product is the EVHUD, a comprehensive controller HUD packaged with most NTBI vehicles. It brought forth revolutionary new sound driver technology to simulate reverb, as well as the popular EVHUD Store. As of March 1st, 2012, there were over 3,000 EVHUD users.

Gentek was the largest purveyor of outdoor warning sirens for several years, until discontinuing them permanently from their main vendors in late 2010. They had been temporarily removed from vendors several times in 2009, although they had returned due to popular demand. Most are still available in the Clearance Rack for very low prices, although they are no longer supported.

Gentek is also credited with the first-ever emergency vehicle attachment (used exclusively by SLPD), as well as the first commercially-sold lightbar and siren, Degree. Although very primitive, they were outstanding at the time compared to the lightbars and sirens included in emergency vehicles of the day. Their lightbars consistently improved until partnering with NTBI and producing NTBI-Gentek Lightbars, heralded as the best in the game.

Telecommunications was another Gentek hit, starting with the smartPhone in 2009. This expanded roleplay dramatically, especially for 911 calls. However, the service was spotty due to the poor communication handler, so the genPhone was released in 2010 to help solve these issues. Eventually, Linden Lab implemented limits on LSL functions used by the genPhone, making it prone to failure. An update has been planned, but constantly delayed due to more restrictions and bugs arising in the HTTP system.

Current Status

Gentek houses its main store in Prototype along with the rest of NTBI.

Many products have been recently discontinued to focus on its new line of building components and the split to Sei Computing. However, Gentek still commands a strong presence in roleplay.